10 thoughts on “Aki Banzuke Published

  1. Looks like the rikishi also had a little photo shoot, they’ve all got new pictures on their profiles. Check out the kesho-mawashi on Endo, it’s one of the nicest I’ve ever seen!

  2. I’ve heard Nishikigi described as being “duct-taped to the bottom of makuuchi”, but I think Ishiura’s taking over that title from him.

    • I am very curious who will actually start Aki. I am wondering if Kisenosato is going to give it a go. I am very interested to see if Yokshikaze is in better form. Maybe I shall write up a post.

      • I would look forward to your post. You could run a competition based on which of the six Y/O will still be around on day 10. I’d guess Kakuryu, Goeido and Tochinoshin. I don’t think Hakuho or Kisenoato will get today 10 even if they start and I have grave misgivings about Takayasu.


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