Natsu 2018 Jungyo Newsreel – Day 23

🌐 Location: Mishima, Shizuoka

Short and Kisenosato-centric report today, as I could find very little else.


So, want to see Kisenosato practice vs. Yutakayama? This Kisenosato fan got what seems to be the whole sanban session:


He also had some reverse butsukari with Shodai. However, Shodai didn’t even offer him the token resistance Tochinoshin offered the day before. I’m pretty sure the Yokozuna is frustrated.

Other than Kisenosato, in the absence of any major local boys at in Shizuoka (no sekitori), Mitakeumi was doing the honors of getting his hair done:


In the torikumi, Takekaze has beaten Aminishiki, and Takakeisho has beaten Kagayaki. The only video I have is… you guessed it… Kisenosato vs. Goeido:

So, is Kisenosato ready and able to participate at Yokozuna level at Aki?

Mmmm…. Good question… good question.

Can anybody fathom what Hakuho is signing here as the rikishi leave for their next destination?

Enho and out:


7 thoughts on “Natsu 2018 Jungyo Newsreel – Day 23

  1. Short and sweet but still great! Kise looks like he’s lost a bit of weight. As much as I want him to be ready for Aki, I still can’t buy that he’s in any form to compete. Please prove me wrong big guy!

    As for The Boss, it almost looks like he’s using Japanese sign language. Just a quick look at their sign alphabet, I got either はてたを or ばてたを but it’s very hard to tell.

  2. Pretty sure Hakuho, sumo geek that he is, is just visualizing variations on maemitsu grips. Looks painful.

  3. Gentlest butsukari I’ve ever seen. I wonder if Shodai is that soft with Kakuryu, or if it’s just because it’s a yokozuna he doesn’t train with much.

  4. a retweet from that twitter account:

    It’s kind of hard to tell from the angle in the video clips but it looks to me like Kisenosato was still a bit high. It didn’t matter in these practice matches because Yutakayama was just a bit higher.

    • Yeah, Harumafuji is back from Mongolia and has joined the rest of the Isegahama non-Jungyo crew in their training camp at Niigata. Again, one of the last opportunities to see the man wearing his chon-mage and mawashi together.

  5. Kise keeps teasing but I have no confidence in any of it, nor in the breathless praise from those who have faced him this summer. Stinks of PR to me. I would love to be proven wrong though. :(


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