Updated Banzuke Predictions

While preparing my Guess The Banzuke entry, I took another look at my forecast. In particular, inspired by Herouth’s comment, I tried to tease out patterns from the choices made by the banzuke committee for the previous two tournaments, the only ones since the Shimpan department turned over after the recent elections. I also spotted a minor data entry error in my spreadsheet—I had credited Kyokutaisei with 5 wins, rather than the 6 he actually got, which affected his placement.

The resulting changes aren’t major. None of the upper ranks are affected at all. About half of the maegashira predictions are identical between the two forecasts, and most of the rest differ by half a rank. The exceptions are moving Asanoyama up a rank, in deference to his 11 wins, at the expense of Chiyonokuni, moving Shohozan up a rank, to reflect the lenient recent treatment of demoted Komusubi, moving Aoiyama up a rank, and moving Kyokutaisei above the Juryo promotions to correct the error noted above. We’ll see if this forecast is actually more accurate than the original one when the rankings are released in less than a week!




10 thoughts on “Updated Banzuke Predictions

  1. I apologize if this is a dumb question. But does a wrestler ranked at, say, M12 get paid appreciatively more than the guy ranked at M16? And, obviously by the same token, does the guy at M2 get paid a whole lot more than the guy at M7 or M8? Again, forgive me if this common knowledge that has escaped me over my couple years of fandom.

    • I actually also have no idea how (or if) pay differs among the maegashira ranks…someone here must know.

      • Iksumo, funny thing, but if I want to know how much ANY American athlete in MLB or the NFL or the NBA is making in any given season, I can find out in, literally, 30 seconds. For some reason, finding out sumo salaries seems much more difficult. Or does it mean that I simply don’t know where to look for such information?

  2. Yeah, I’ve seen that section on sumo wrestlers’ salaries on Wiki, but they couldn’t seem to go into a great deal of detail about what all the bonus opportunities actually mean in terms of dollars and cents and the fact that they were using 12 year old data was disappointing.

    • Thanks, for some reason I thought they were in place for Natsu. Well, that’s not going to help my entry :-?


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