Tachiai Giveaway: Sumo Playing Cards

Sumo Rikishi Playing Cards
Win this deck of Sumo playing cards!

One of the cool things about the sumo experience is the large array of merch on sale for attendees to snap up at their leisure. There are souvenirs ranging from cookies to towels to figurines to decks of playing cards, and more. And we’re happy to let our readers know that we’ve got an extra deck of those playing cards to give away!

How to enter: all we’re asking is that you share either of the below links to the latest Tachiai podcast on iTunes publicly, on Twitter or Facebook, and post the link to your shared post in the comments of this post. Then, we’ll randomly select a winner and send you the deck! Easy as that.

Share link to podcast on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/podcasts-tachiai-立合い/id1233828207?mt=2
Share link to podcast on Tachiai: https://tachiai.org/2018/08/12/tachiai-summer-podcast/

As new decks haven’t yet been produced, the deck includes recently retired fan favorites like Harumafuji and Osunaarashi, so it’ll be a great “last chance” collectible if you’re a fan of those fellas. Sadly, it was produced before the ascension to sekitori status of Enho, so you won’t have luck finding him as the Ace of Hearts (a title that is, of course, bestowed upon Ichinojo)! Meanwhile, Nagoya-yusho winner Mitakeumi takes up the rock and roll mantle of Ace of Spades.

We’ll pick a winner at the end of August, so you’ve got until then to enter! We’ll send the prize to the winner in early September.

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