Natsu 2018 Jungyo newsreel – Day 20

🌐 Location: Sapporo, Hokkaido


The Jungyo continued its visit in Hokkaido, and this time visited the island’s largest city – Sapporo. The event took place in a huge multipurpose arena, and the rikishi had plenty of space for all sorts of activities. Like getting their hair done:

Kyokusoten et al getting ready for their torikumi

I’m not sure what Nishikigi is trying to do here:

But he and Ryuden spent a lot of time together:

Tochinoshin left the padded periphery to the lower-ranking sekitori, and did some butsukari on the dohyo:

What is this double-assed monster?

Aha! A Tobizaru-mounted Takanoiwa. Very fierce.

It’s not often that I find footage of Ichinojo practicing. And watching this is every bit as strange as you’d expect of an Ichinojo practice session:

First time I’ve seen a tsukebito (Minatoryu) fending off his practicing sekitori. “That’s it, I’ve had enough… sir…”

A special guest came to the Sapporo event – the 52nd Yokozuna, Kitanofuji, who hails from Hokkaido:


The 76 years old former Yokozuna is very popular (and often serves as a commentator for NHK during basho). He got himself a ring-side seat:

Yago receiving advice – both from the oyakata and the former Yokozuna?

And even had a Yokozuna-to-yokozuna hearty chat:


After practice time, it was time for the torikumi and dohyo-iri. Here is Kagayaki accepting the Yokozuna’s sword from one of Kisenosato’s tsukebito:


While the previous day was Yago’s day, this day has been Kyokutaisei’s (and Ichiyamamoto’s). In the following summary you can see their bouts. Kyokutaisei went against Kagayaki, and Ichiyamamoto vs. Enho.

After some shokkiri, you get to see at least part of the musubi. Kakuryu’s foot acting up again?

A second summary comes from NHK:

You can see Kyokutaisei doing fansa. A kid calls at him “Congratulations on your wedding!”, and he answers “thank you”. Ichiyamamoto also responds a bit bashfully to fan calls.

Kyokutaisei: “It’s the first time I have come here as a Makuuchi wrestler. I hope to rise through the ranks and then come here again”.

Other torikumi of note (or rather, other torikumi I’ve been able to scrape off Twitter):

Ishiura trying a hasso-tobi vs. Aoiyama. He gets his just deserts:

And here is Endo vs. Myogiryu:

A kind soul on Twitter provided the results of all the torikumi. I mean all – I am only giving you the sekitori matches:

Note that Tsurugisho suddenly went kyujo today, so Tobizaru filled in for him and had two bouts instead of just one:

Homarefuji Churanoumi
Tobizaru Terutsuyoshi
Wakatakakage Gagamaru
Tokushoryu Chiyonoumi
Shimanoumi Chiyonoo
Tobizaru Mitoryu
Sokokurai Hidenoumi
Yago Aminishiki
Takanosho Azumaryu
Seiro Takanoiwa
Daiamami Kyokushiho
Daishoho Akiseyama
Takekaze Okinoumi
Tochiozan Hokutofuji
Sadanoumi Asanoyama
Aoiyama Ishiura
Chiyomaru Ryuden
Onosho Daieisho
Nishikigi Chiyotairyu
Endo Myogiryu
Daishomaru Yutakayama
Kyokutaisei Kagayaki
Shodai Kaisei
Ikioi Shohozan
Tamawashi Takakeisho
Ichinojo Mitakeumi
Goeido Takayasu
Kakuryu Kisenosato


Finally, your daily Enho. No pic today, so instead, a video:

13 thoughts on “Natsu 2018 Jungyo newsreel – Day 20

  1. thank u yet again for awesome coverage – i’ve been having a field day re all the Sapporo/Hokkaido postings, especially when some of the rikishi have been getting to know the local Hokkaido seafood specialities…

  2. Great to see Kyokutaisei come home as such a successful rikishi. Hard to believe he’s the same man as that young disenchanted youth in “A Normal Life: Chronicle of a sumo wrestler.” I hope his father is proud of him now.

    For those of who haven’t seen the documentary, I’ll leave a link below. It’s a very interesting look into the early days of a rikishi’s career.–Chronicle-of-a-sumo-wrestler

  3. Thanks again for this Jungyo coverage. With the photos/videos and commentary I almost feel like I’m on tour with them each day. Kitanofuji looks in great shape, especially for 76 yo. I can go read his history but can anyone fill in some anecdotes about his career?

    After our language discussion a few days ago and how W can mean yama, I was excited to see –WA (bad translation using English keyboard but you’ll get it) at 0:22 of the video and realize that it meant Ichiyamamoto. It was like the first time I saw Tochinoshin somewhere in print in hiragana and was able to read it, a light bulb goes on.

  4. I haven’t been keeping up with Jungyo every day, but I check in occasionally. Tochinoshin participated in butsukari but not the torikumi matches. Can we assume that he is still recovering from his injury?

    • he certainly is. our of the current crop, i think the most stylish ‘travelling’ rikishi is Hokutofuji – he’s always smartly attired and accessorised. Aqua always likes to make a fashion statement too ;-)

      • Don’t forget Ura… Though I don’t think any of the above have the “kakkoii” effect. Arawashi or Ikioi can pull it off.


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