Natsu 2018 Jungyo Newsreel – Day 19

🌐 Location: Obihiro, Hokkaido

Preparing the dohyo

As I mentioned in my previous post, on August 17, there was a short intermission in the Jungyo as the gigantic traveling show made its way off the main island of Honshu and on to Hokkaido. While a few Isegahama men had duties with their heya and remained in Aomori, the bulk of the ensemble had some time to relax in the relative coolness of the northernmost prefecture.

And everybody who is anybody had to be seen at the BBQ hosted by Yago:

That is to say, Yago himself, Tobizaru, Takanosho, Wakatakakage, Chiyonoumi, Daieisho and Asanoyama.

Yago’s family is from Memuro, about 11km from the Jungyo’s host town of Obihiro. And so he had time to let loose at home and get charged for an eventful day the next day.

There are 20 active rikishi coming from Hokkaido, in addition to three active Oyakata from the Tokachi region, where Obihiro is located, two of whom are former Yokozuna – Hakkaku (Yokozuna Hokutoumi), Shibatayama (Yokozuna Onokuni) and Isenoumi (former Kitakachidoki) – who is from the Obihiro itself.

The two most prominent active Hokkaido rikishi are Kyokutaisei and Yago. While Kyokutaisei did get attention enough to be loved by a Yokozuna:

(Yes, this Youtuber found himself a seat I would personally kill for), the real star of the event was the even more local Yago:

Yago got loved by a mere Ozeki, but got a whole news story to himself. “I have special feelings for my home area… The gates to Makuuchi are right before me, so I’ll strive to get through them”, he says in the interview.

Moving on from the local boys, here is Takanohana working with Takakeisho:

Here is the Makuuchi dohyo-iri, west side (the one where there are actual adults). The youtuber got really personal with Takayasu:

Here is Kisenosato getting his rope tied:

The announcer tells us that the squat is an essential part of the tying process, as it ensures that the Yokozuna can perform his dohyo Iri which includes Shiko and whatnot, without anything falling off.

We have bouts today. Lots of bouts. First, Makushita had an interesting exhibition today. It’s something called “kessho gonin nuki”, and it seems that the winner is whoever beats 5 men from the opposite side in a row. The video is spread over three tweets:

Pretty impressive performance from Ichiyamamoto there.

I believe in addition to that there were also regular Makushita bouts, as I have this image of Enho vs. Nakazono:


Enho won this one.

We have, of course, Yago vs. Takanoiwa:

And we have rare footage from the two oldest sekitori’s bout – Takekaze vs. Uncle Sumo:

Endo again has to face a local boy (Kyokutaisei):

Daieisho vs. Takakeisho:

Ikioi vs. Chiyotairyu. A bit of a miss here at the end but I suppose it just ended there:

Here we have the sanyaku soroi-bumi (synchronized shiko), followed by Mitakeumi vs. Ichinojo:

Dammit, Ichinojo. :-(

Finally, the highlight of the evening, Kakuryu vs. Kisenosato, in which one of the Yokozuna has a wardrobe malfunction so severe that the gyoji can’t let them stay in the same position but has to separate them to rearrange the unruly mawashi. Oopsie!

I really hollered through that one. You don’t see something like that every day.

So here is your daily Enho. You missed him, right? :-)


7 thoughts on “Natsu 2018 Jungyo Newsreel – Day 19

  1. I’m not sure which is more problematic: Takanohana’s outfit or that…umm…training technique 8-O

    • not often i’m at a loss for words but both these options did it! not to mention what looked like his Taichi practice!

  2. what a seat that patron had! right next to Takanohana doing his Taichi! well that’s what it looked like LOL.
    Kyokutaisei treated like a Yokozuna – i like that! hopefully a prophetic announcement of what’s to come from Kita Kitsune No.1. As for RockStar Kita Kitsune No.2 – YAGO!!! surely more of our compadres will come to recognise the chin from the north after this (esp. with me retweeting the bejayzuz out of it too)… well done my little dragonfly… continue forward! great turnaround win against Takanoiwa by the way (that purple mawashi fooled me when i first saw it – the clip i saw you didn’t see his face so to me he looked like Yoshikaze from the back! rookie error – that bout would never happen as they’re stablemates!)
    Next blog post Herouth i think the fabulous clip of Chiyotairyu being served his Ikura-roe (yellowtail) is a must! Hokkaido is reknown for it’s fabulously fresh and wide-variety of seafood (i know i was spoiled for choice when i lived there) and this little eatery shows Sapporo uniqueness to the utmost! I wonder if Chiyo got through the bowl – i bet he did!


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