Natsu 2018 Jungyo Newsreel – Day 5

🌐 Location: Uozu, Toyama


Day 5 of the Jungyo was Asanoyama Appreciation Day. Asanoyama is the hero of Toyama Prefecture. In fact, a documentary about him is about to be aired in a few days in a local TV station. And this day, Asanoyama worship reached new heights. There was a large Asanoyama panel at the entrance:


A few days ago the Toyama Post Office issued a special set of Asanoyama postcards an stamps, which the man himself presented this day:


The man was flooded with fan requests for autographs:

And Kisenosato gave him butsukari to the cheers of the 3000 fans who filled the Ariso Dome:

And a local news outlet’s summary of the Jungyo event was also rather Asanoyama-centered:

Asanoyama says there he will work hard and try to achieve double digits in the next basho as well, and that he wants to become a superstar.

However, there were other people in this Jungyo event, too. Hokutofuji was doing suri-ashi:

Watched over by… Asanoyama.

Tamawashi was lending his chest to the low rankers, in what looked like a combination of butsukari and moshi-ai:

By which I mean that he didn’t stick with one victim until exhaustion in a full-fledged “kawaigari”, but rather quickly finished with one and replaced him with one from a group of eager boys.

Hakuho did not ascend the dohyo as yet, and used one of his tsukebito as a Teppo pole:

And Kakuryu exercised Harumafuji-style, with weights on his wrists:

Nishikigi was stretching, and for some reason felt he needed to cushion his hands. And by “cushion” I mean use the fluffiest, softest cushion available: Chiyomaru!

Practicing for the role of Sisyphus in a movie, perhaps?

Tamawashi was doing fansa and using Shodai for his writing desk:

“If you’re good and let me use your chest, I won’t break any of your arms in our next bout. Deal?”

Mitakeumi learned to clap the hyoshigi – those wooden clappers the Yobidashi use to punctuate the ceremonial parts of Grand Sumo events. There is a certain art to producing the right sound from these things. Hakuho learned that in the past from the now-retired Yobidashi Hideo.


We haven’t seen many Yokozuna dohyo-iri since this Jungyo started, right? So here are the three Yokozuna for you:



And Kisenosato. Since it’s more or less the same angle, you can compare Kisenosato’s Unryu-style rope tie and dohyo-iri to Hakuho’s Shiranui-style above:

There was a bit of the Musubi-no-ichiban in the above “Asanoyama Appreciation Day” video, but here is the full thing:

Kakuryu is still drawing circles with his left food, but not as badly as in the first three days.

That’s it. Take a look at the Komatsu post, where I added the full opening drum roll which turned up in YouTube.

And instead of an Enho photo, I give you his “mystery rikishi” video by the NSK. Guys, the teleprompter should go above the camera!

6 thoughts on “Natsu 2018 Jungyo Newsreel – Day 5

    • Embarrassed by your belly? Tired of holding your stomach in? Get a sumo wrestler to hold it in for you! The Nishikigi sSlim-o-matic:,more organic than a girdle and only slightly more painful. Mawashi sold separately..

  1. A very entertaining and informative report, Herouth! Thanks so much for it.

    Update for Ikioi fans: Ikioi’s future bride, JLPGA golfer Mamiko Higa, had a splendid Day 2 at the Women’s British Open. She carded a three under par round, leaving her nine under for the tournament, only one stroke off the lead, held by Thailand’s Pornanong Phatlum.

    Miss Higa actually had a two-stroke lead on the field after teeing off on the 17th hole, but her wild second shot landed amongst a thicket of brambles and could not be found. She settled for a double bogey on the hole and lost the lead, but closed with a solid par on the difficult 18th.

  2. Im curious…What’s with the Enho obsession on the site? It seems there’s always updates about him and Wakaichiro, despite neither being in makuuchi. Wakaichiro, I kind of understand because he’s from TX, so we keep up with a US guy in sumo, but why Enho?

    • It’s just kind of a running gag in this series of newsreels. Mostly because my sources – Twitter mostly – seem to be very enthusiastic about him. Anyway, Makuuchi may be what you see on TV, but personally I follow Juryo as well as a few interesting guys from the lower divisions. Enho stands out because despite starting at the very bottom, and despite having a huge disadvantage of height (and weight), he has blazed through the ranks very fast. Add to that the good looks and friendly, modest character, and you can see why he is so popular. And being associated with Hakuho doesn’t hurt his exposure, either.


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