Natsu 2018 Jungyo Newsreel – Day 2

🌐 Location: Otsu, Shiga


The Jungyo took the sekitori to Otsu today, where 2300 spectators came to enjoy some sumo.

Lest people fall under the impression that Shiga prefecture is all about stinky fermented sushi, Yutakayama is here to provide you with a more balanced view of the menu.

Yeah, that’s Yutakayama + tsukebito + Shodai + tsukebito + my mouth watering.

The Jungyo day opened with a drum roll:


Note how yobidashi performing the drum duty don’t wear the special Yobidashi costume (Tattsukebakama).

Sekitori were practicing where they can – on or off the dohyo. Here are Ishiura and Chiyonoumi.

Mitakeumi, who didn’t practice on the dohyo yesterday, and said to the press that he was doing things at his own pace, suddenly showed up on the dohyo and gave butsukari geiko and general pushing guidance.


It’s not that the Yusho winner just woke up in a mood for keiko today. He is known to hate keiko. This attitude does not fly too well with the veterans. Hakuho already said yesterday that once he feels well enough to get on the dohyo, he is going to give Mitakeumi a lovemaking session he will never forget. I hope a video of that turns up because Hakuho tends to make his torture sessions very entertaining.

But Hakuho was not the only one miffed by the lazy would-be-Ozeki. Kasugano oyakata gave the sekiwake direct orders to start guiding the youngsters. So he did, and then told the press how important it is to guide the youngsters. 😀

The rikishi were not only practicing – there was also fansa (“fan service”) to be done. Kakuryu was being polite:

And Hakuho also signed stuff before going in to get dressed up. But he somehow seems rather impatient about it:

The thing to note about this scene, though, is how the Yokozuna is wearing a chon-mage, while his tsukebito is wearing an oicho-mage. This is the kind of thing you’ll see only on a Jungyo. His tsukebito, Kasugaryu, is the yumi-tori performer. Apparently, he gets his hair done for the performance early – perhaps in order not to bother the Tokoyama while they are busy with the sekitori. So he and the shokkiri team walk around in fancy hairdos while the sekitori are still wearing their off-stage chons.

Speaking of shokkiri, it turns out that today we had a different shokkiri team. Yesterday we had Shobushi and Ebisumaru, but today they were replaced by Tochimitsuru and Tochisato of Kasugano beya. Here is their act:

Once again we have the gyoji involved in the shokkiri routine. Kudos to that gyoji. I wouldn’t dream of fighting with a rikishi of that size.

Here is a curious way of getting ready for the Torikumi:

Terutsuyoshi feeling up Hidenoumi. Terutsuyoshi is a very touchy-feely guy for a Japanese.

Yes, there were torikumi. The star of the day, in lieu of any local sekitori, was the former sekitori Nionoumi. And he won his (Makushita) match with Daishoryu and even got interviewed, where he said he aims to win all his bouts in the Aki basho and become sekitori again. Just so you know, in the last three basho he was 2-5, 4-3, 4-3. Tall order, I’d say, especially given the bubbling cauldron that is the top of Makushita today.

The four missing Mongolians were back in action today and participated in the Juryo torikumi.

The only bout I have any information about is Takakeisho vs. Endo, which Takakeisho won, apparently using yotsu-zumo. Again. I wish I had a video of that, but the only one I do have is the musubi-no-ichiban:

Once again, what’s up with Kakuryu’s foot?

And of course, I’ll finish with the obligatory Enho:


Because let’s face it, the sumo ladies just love this guy.

13 thoughts on “Natsu 2018 Jungyo Newsreel – Day 2

  1. I’m always happy there are tons of real delicacies around when many don’t quite live up to the hype. I’m still not big on sukiyaki but it’s alright. All I need is yakitori:

    1) Chicken (whatever part).
    2) Stick.
    3) Salt.
    Done. Well, maybe some beer and/or sake.

    • you’re looking at a sukiyaki fan – when it’s done well it’s devine… actually the ONLY foodstuffs i have problems with to this day are umeboshi and natto….. just shuddering at the thought….

        • u got me there – never been to the region so i’m claiming ignorance! LOL

  2. Is it my imagination, faulty memory since it’s been so long since Kise mounted the dohyo, or has Kise actually lost some weight?

  3. I’ve got to see the shokkiri act live sometime. Definitely more worries about Kakuryu. I watched that a few times to see whether toe, foot, ankle…I can’t tell. But I think the only positive is that this has to be easier than keiko.

    • Live shokkiri is great, definitely one of the highlights of my time in Koshigaya in Saitama a few months back

      By this point we know a lot of what to expect BUT the live fan reaction especially from the kids and oldsters in the venue gives it that additional level that videos can’t provide

  4. One of the rumors around Mitakeumi’s relaxed attitude with keiko is that he doesn’t want to go max effort in training and thereby risk injury

    Not sure how accurate that is but I can see how it both makes sense and simultaneously attracts much scorn from the rest of the community

  5. Loving these jungyo updates! Thanks for supplying them to us! It’s really fantastic to be able to glimpse a bit of this side of the sport; makes me wish I could attend one of these events. Maybe one day…

    And the photos of Enho are a delightful closer. Thank you for that, too! He’s a very pretty rikishi. ;D

  6. Thank you so much for this!! As a sumo fan who doesn’t speak Japanese, your work is absolutely invaluable. Thank you!!!

  7. Gosh, it’s great to see Kisenosato back in action and winning a bout, even if it’s only in Jungyo and it’s against an injured Kakuryu. I’ll take anything I can get from the big guy!


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