Nagoya State of Play, Day 10

The yusho race

Undefeated Mitakeumi (10-0) leads by 2 wins over the M13 duo of Tochiozan and Asanoyama—not exactly what anyone would have predicted before the basho! Tomorrow, the leader takes on 7-3 M4 Kaisei, whom he’s never beaten in 4 attempts. Tochiozan has a big bout against 7-3 M6 Chiyotairyu, while Asanoyama faces 5-5 M10 Nishikigi. At this point, Mitakeumi would have to lose three times in 5 matches for the large 7-3 group, which includes both remaining Ozeki, to come into contention.

The upper ranks

The kadoban Ozeki both stand at 7-3 and need one win apiece to be off “probation.” This could happen as early as tomorrow, with Goeido facing 3-7 M5 Daishomaru and Takayasu taking on listless Ichinojo.

We already know that Mitakeumi will retain his Sekiwake rank, while Komusubi Shohozan will be demoted back down to the maegashira ranks. The other Komusubi, Tamawashi, at 6-4 is in good shape to stay in San’yaku, and likely move up to Sekiwake, as 4-6 Ichinojo seems unlikely to go 4-1 against a slate of opponents that includes Mitakeumi and both Ozeki. Takakeisho leads the scramble for promotion to San’yaku, with Chiyonokuni and Kaisei close behind.

The demotion danger zone

One win in the final 5 days would remove Chiyoshoma, Kyokutaisei, Chiyomaru, Hokutofuji, and Ryuden from any danger of demotion, while even a single loss would seal the fate of MeiseiKotoeko needs 4 wins to reach safety, while Ishiura, Okinoumi, and Arawashi need 3. And then there’s Yoshikaze, whose 2 needed victories seem ever further out of reach…

Takanoiwa has likely already punched his ticket back to the top division. The other candidates for promotion from Juryo are TakanoshoKotoyuki, Daimami and Aminishiki.

7 thoughts on “Nagoya State of Play, Day 10

  1. I have taken to calling the 7-3 crowd the “Peloton” after watching too much Tour de France.

    • I can’t help but think that that will be followed by intai, unless he knows what’s plaguing him and thinks he can reverse it next basho.

  2. Oh Bruce, I can’t bring myself to think about our poor boy… he nearly had the big fella yesterday, until he was swatted away like an annoying fly. sometimes life just not fair!

  3. If Ichinojo doesn’t wake up soon he could end up dropping out of sanyaku altogether. And to think that I was expecting this to be his big break-out basho.

    • In today’s bout he looked like someone finally told him about the whole kachi-koshi thing. “Oh, I need 4 more wins?”

      • I think Ichinojo reads my posts. I just hope didn’t read the one about him resembling Lenny from “Of Mice and Men”


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