Kotoshogiku Withdraws From Nagoya


Former Ozeki Kotoshokigu has withdrawn from competition on day 11. This is due to injuries sustained in his crowd surfing episode at the end of his match with Tamawashi. With his kyujo, Shodai picks up a second fusen / default win of the tournament. Oddly enough, this tournament has featured two rikishi (Chiyonokuni and Shodai) getting 2 default wins. Kotoshogiku had a 3-7 record going into day 11.

We wish him a speedy recovery.

6 thoughts on “Kotoshogiku Withdraws From Nagoya

  1. Proof positive that this busho is unreal. 2 different rikishis with 2 fusens in the same busho? That’s probably a once-in-a-century occurrence!

    • Tamawashi should be held accountable for his absolutely disgusting, inhumane, and downright dirty brand of sumo that he put on this basho, his brand of sumo is to anteriorly dislocate your shoulder by forcing your arm out of the socket by Kotenage. He dislocated the shoulders or fractured the arms of Kotoshogiku and Chiyonokuni, so because they get injured by a dirty wrestler THEY GO DOWN A RANK NEXT BASHO ARE YOU KIDDING ME? For something that is clearly not their fault!? Tamawashi, what a prick.


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