Act One “Safe Harbor” Report

With the first third of the basho in the books, not much has been decided, as one would expect with ten days of competition still to come. However, one goal of all Makuuchi rikishi is to remain in the top division for the next tournament, and some have already done enough to accomplish this.

Not surprisingly, how many wins it takes to stay in Makuuchi depends on the wrestler’s rank. A single victory at M1 or M2 is sufficient, while nothing short of 8 wins will do at M16, with intermediate win thresholds between these two extremes. So where do we stand after Day 5?

Everyone ranked M4 or higher has done enough to be safe from demotion, as have the two M6s, Endo and Chiyotairyu, with their 4-1 records. M5e Daishomaru (1-4) and M5w Yoshikaze (0-5) still have work to do, while the M7 duo of Takarafuji and Daieisho (both 3-2) are right on the cusp of safety, as is M9 Myogiryu (4-1).

Obviously, 10 days is plenty of time for those not yet safe to earn enough victories, but while it’s too early for someone like M8 Kyokutaisei (0-5) to panic, M12 Arawashi (0-5) and M16 Meisei (1-4) need to start banking wins in a hurry.


5 thoughts on “Act One “Safe Harbor” Report

  1. Excellent summation – there are a handful of people already in deep trouble. Any thoughts about Goeido’s chances?

    • I don’t know that I have any special insight. He needs to go 5-5 in the remaining 10 bouts. The only member of San’yaku he’s faced so far is Tamawashi, but Hakuho is out, and Kakuryu is looking shaky. I’d expect Goeido to pick up losses against Takayasu (assuming he’s okay), Tochinoshin, and Mitakeumi. From there, it depends on whether Kakuryu continues to senshuraku and is genki, which Ichinojo shows up to fight Goeido, and whether he picks up any more bad losses to lower-ranked rikishi. His bout against Abi tomorrow is looking quite pivotal.

  2. C’mon Kyokutaisei and Yoshikaze – you’re breaking my heart here! In Juryo Yago has been off also, his last two started with mattas and it wasn’t pretty from there. don’t know if he’s sick with flu or something else but u can tell he’s just not himself even though he started fabulously genki!


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