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Apparently former Ozeki Terunofuji is to undergo knee surgery? Or at least that’s what I think I gathered from Google’s attempt at translating the story below. Some of it seems rather alarming: “which knee to operate on the left or right is undecided” while other parts are downright poetic: “If it is all closed again, it will drop the ranking down to the bottom of the curtain at the autumn scene.” Perhaps someone with better (i.e. some) knowledge of Japanese can enlighten us further.

Mr. Tuno Fuji, knee surgery Nagoya place full leave master “tightly cure”

6/13 (Wed) 6: 01 distribution

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 Ten two Teruno Fuji (26 = Isekehama room) will surgery his knees during this month, and it is expected that the Nagoya place (the first day of July 8, Dolphins Arena) will be completely closed. Master teacher Ise Kohama (former Yokozuna and Asahi Fuji) on Saturday, Osaka Prefecture Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture, “I will operate the knee (in Nagoya place) without thinking in common sense. I will not cure it firmly. ” It is undecided which knee to operate on the left or right is undecided, “I have been going to a hospital today, after listening to the results.”

Tuno Fuji is a left knee meniscus injury twice in the past. The right knee anterior cruciate that hurt in 15 years had been treated without surgery. In the summer of May, 9 nines and 6 holidays ended, and in Nagoya place it is definitely the first time ever to fall as a former Ozeki. If it is all closed again, it will drop the ranking down to the bottom of the curtain at the autumn scene.

6 thoughts on “Fun with Google Translate

  1. I’m a little rusty, but this is my understanding:
    It looks like Terunofuji will completely sit out Nagoya basho and have a knee surgery next month.
    His Oyakata gave an interview at the training camp saying something like “apparently he isn’t healing without surgery”. He also said that it isn’t clear which knee to have surgery, but that Terunofuji went to hospital for tests and when the results are there, further action will be decided.
    They also list his medical history as having surgery on his left knee twice, but not on the right knee which has been treated without surgery.
    Finally it states that if he sits out the whole basho, he will drop to the bottom of Makushita, which seems to be a first for a former Ozeki.
    Someone will probably have a better translation ;)

    • Wow. Trump should have taken you to Singapore with him yesterday to translate what Kim Jung Un was saying about the president under his breath because you have a real talent my friend. It took me 15 minutes to figure out who the hell Tuno Fuji is.

    • well done and thank you for confirming that both our rusty japanese is on par more or less. good luck to our Mr Tuno Fuji!!!

  2. I don’t know Japanese all that well, but I can tell a lot of places what it says based on what the machine translation is and knowing what it probably should say. For instance:

    In Japanese the way of notating a rikishi’s record in the tournament is generally X(win)Y(loss)Z(rest) with the kanji instead of the words in parentheses. The character for rest can easily by misconstrued by machine translation as meaning “holiday” (or “vacation” as most Americans call it).

    “Isegahama” is apparently misspelled because part of the name is a small katakana “ke” that is actually pronounced “ga” for some historical reason that’s beyond my recollection.

    The “Ten two” in front of Terunofuji’s name is really “Juryo”, where the first character is the kanji for ten, and the second one the name of a very old coin ( of which ten apparently composed a Juryo rikishi’s salary at one point in time. The character for that coin can also mean “both” as in “both feet/legs” (両足) and thus can also just mean “two”.


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