6 thoughts on “10 Days to Banzuke…

  1. For those interested in trying their hand and measuring themselves against other banzuke aficionados, a quick plug for the Guess The Banzuke contest at http://dichne.com/Guess.htm which still takes entries until Monday.

  2. Sadly there is little coverage of the build-up to the Nagoya basho in my country, where the media are obsessed by skinny men in colourful shorts using their feet to propel an inflated plastic spheroid around a field in Russia. Apparently, if they kick the “ball” into the “goal” they get to grope each other whilst comparing grooming tips and there is much rejoicing. Its called the Big Cup of Global Soccerfoot or something like that.

    • Also, if a player on one team so much as looks funny at a player on the other team, the latter collapses as if shot. They would not fare well on the dohyo.

  3. Good thing us sumo fans never complain about people stereotyping sumotori as “fat guys in diapers”. We’d look like total hypocrites if we did that and then made fun of the athletes in other sports…


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