Tochinoshin Press Coverage

With the official promotion, and acceptance, expected later today (Wednesday morning Japan), the press is starting to cover Tochinoshin’s imminent promotion. The Mainichi article includes some great background on his friendship with Hiromitsu Munakata, which is something new to me. Feel free to read up while we wait for the big ceremony to welcome the new Ozeki.

NHK: Tochinoshin to be promoted to Ozeki champion

Mainichi: Tochinoshin set for promotion to ozeki after overcoming language, culture differences

Japan Times: Tochinoshin ready to tackle ozeki challenge head on

4 thoughts on “Tochinoshin Press Coverage

  1. Thanks very much for collecting these stories!

    [Incidentally: I don’t think you meant the “immanent” (inherent) promotion, but the “imminent” (coming soon) promotion]

  2. Yes, thank you – its been corrected. I am not sure why my spelling / grammar correction software has been taking the past week off, but I am going to find out why it’s not keeping me on track.

  3. Is it weird of me that I’m still not able to completely rule out a stupid decison by the NSK?


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