Tochinoshin’s Ozeki Promotion Confirmed


News from Japan, relayed by Tachiai contributor Herouth, that the shimpan will conduct a special board meeting, and affirm Tochinoshin’s promotion to Ozeki. The official announcement will happen on Wednesday in Japan.

Tachiai congratulates the shin-Ozeki, and we look forward to his continued excellent sumo in the tournaments to come.

12 thoughts on “Tochinoshin’s Ozeki Promotion Confirmed

  1. Technically the board could refuse the promotion. But that has never happened before and hopefully won’t now.

    Hurrah shin-ōzeki Tochinishin!

    • I believe Miyabiyama was the only person that wasn’t unanimously voted for upon recommendation for Ozeki promotion. Yes, it’s a rubber stamp in effect in that they’re not going to recommend someone unless they clearly are going to get the nod, but it’s at least possible for someone to vote against the recommendation.

  2. Congratulations, Tochinoshin, and I hope your wrist recovers quickly and fully.

    • Hopefully it does as his sumō more or less relies on being able to carry his opponents around like furniture .

  3. this happy poze of his made me content while visiting this article.

    tochinoshin and abi made watching sumo from 5 to 10/10 for me, meaning they made this last yusho so thrilling.

    i am glad for all of them, i also like the veteran sumo wrestler who is retiring, he doesnt have to but ppl assume he might retire instead of going to juryo, he is cool too

    • Ah, but Uncle Sumo will not truly leave us! Aminishiki may well retire, but I hope he is part of the world for sumo for as long as he wishes to be. He has the potential to be a wonderful ambassador for the sport.

        • And I really hope that between Harumafuji as coach and him as secondary oyakata Isegahama will be back to its glory days.

          BTW, there is a whole storm of bad feelings right now from the Terunofuji fans on Twitter towards Isegahama oyakata. They say he ruined Teru by allowing him to make health decisions on his own.

          • The only person who as ever responsible for that body is the personality we call Terunofuji. I am betting he can get it together, but its going to be a tough road.

            • If a wrestler cannot decide on his own what to wear, what to eat, how to do his hair, who to marry, where to live – why should health decisions by 23 year olds be taken differently?

              I’m betting otherwise, by the way. I sadly think the man is toast.

  4. Aminishiki is cashing 8 kinboshi every tournament.
    He should hang on and cash in as long as he can.
    And if a bad knee was part of the problem maybe he can recover in 2 months.


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