Yokozuna Kakuryu Wins The Natsu Yusho

Kakuryu Yusho Parade

In the final bout of the basho, Yokozuna Kakuryu defeated Yokozuna Hakuho, to outright win the Emperor’s Cup. There was, for a time, a possibility of a Tochinoshin-Kakuryu playoff to decide the yusho, but the presumptive shin-Ozeki’s loss on day 14 proved to be the deciding element for the cup.

Tachiai congratulates Yokozuna Kakuryu, who has claimed his 5th yusho, and his first back-to-back titles ever. For the victory parade, Kakuryu chose Shodai for his flag-bearer. An amusing choice, as Shodai’s surprise win over Tochinoshin did much to set up the yusho win for Kakuryu.

14 thoughts on “Yokozuna Kakuryu Wins The Natsu Yusho

    • Wasn’t Kakuryu’s finest moment, but probably didn’t decide the yūshō.
      Not sure what went to his mind at that time and I’m also not sure he does.

  1. Kakuryu has never been the biggest or the strongest or the meanest, but he is probably the smartest guy in the room. And as of now he is the best man in the game.

    • Hakuho’s strength and/or stamina may be in decline but he’s still the best man in the game for the moment — this is how he performs when bereaved.

      • agree – you can never write him off. understandably a huge personal loss for him – not easy losing a parent you’re particularly close to – at any age

        • (That’s not really a downvote, Dentay — thumb-typing seems to be challenging me today!) Agree totally — and Hakuho, never not an expressive one, was showing it. May the time between bashos bring him some peace.

  2. Though I noted the amusing aspect of asking Shodai to be his flag-bearer (mentioned this on Twitter), I think the actual reason is that in the previous basho he asked his tsuyuharai (Nishikigi), and in this basho, his tachimochi (Shodai).

    Kakuryu says that winning two consecutive yusho has long been an important personal goal for him. He has been the first yokozuna to be awarded the title with just a jun-yusho and a yusho, after eight yokozuna who made the gold standard of two in a row, so it was a matter of honor for him.

    I’m glad that unlike Kisenosato, achieving this didn’t leave him disabled for good.

    • makes perfect sense now! doh! should have thought of that before! i was too excited Yoshikaze got kachikoshi and Kyokutaisei kept winning and smiling! hehehe


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