Winds of Change – 1 Year Ago In Sumo

It’s Sunday, maybe you have some free time and you are a sumo fan. I have been missing some of my favorites, who have faded from the top division. So I am going to share this 22 minute long example of just how much sumo has changed since Osaka last year.

Sumo is always evolving, but this was in fact a monumental turning point for the sport it seems.  A year later we can see recognize the seeds of change in this video.  The triumph, the defeat, the raw emotion

6 thoughts on “Winds of Change – 1 Year Ago In Sumo

  1. Wow. Thanks for posting that. I watch those two bouts on Youtube all the time. Unbelievable that it’s only been a year ago. Seems so much longer. Two of my favorites, then at the top of their game, have fallen on hard times indeed. How very very sad.

  2. Terunofuji looks like an entirely different person from one year ago. Will we ever see a healthy kaiju again, or will he stay this hollowed out facsimile until he fades away? Let’s pray for the former.

    • I always felt like this is the fight that broke him. Just look at his face after losing twice in a row to an injured opponent that he should have beaten easily. From there on out, it seems he lost his fighting spirit and spiralled down the ranks.

  3. As banged up as they both were, and then even more so as they were to become, it is still a joy to see both with such fighting spirit ♥️

  4. I follow Tachi-ai
    Watch the Kokugikan
    Listening to the wind of change

    An August jungyo night
    Rikishi passing by
    Listening to the wind of change

    The dohyo’s closing in
    Did you ever think
    That we could be so close, ai-yotsu

    The future’s in the air
    I can feel it everywhere
    Blowing with the wind of change

    Take me to musubi-no-ichiban
    Of a nakabi
    Where the tadpoles of tomorrow dream away
    In the wind of change


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