Promotions to Juryo announced

Today, the banzuke meeting took place. The full banzuke will not be published until shortly before the next basho, but as usual, promotions to Juryo are announced ahead of time, to allow new promotees to get ready with their paraphernalia.

Wakatakakage with Arashio oyakata

Newcomers to Juryo:

  • Wakatakakage, Arashio beya
  • Hakuyozan, Takadagawa beya


  • Asabenkei, Takasago beya

Wakatakakage hails from Fukushima, and in his promotion interview, he vowed to do his best for the sake of the Fukushima residents who suffered in the great Tohoku disaster. He says he got a kimono and obi from the previous Fukushima “representative”, Sotairyu, who retired in Hatsu 2018, symbolically continuing in his footsteps.

Hakuyozan, when asked about his goal as Sekitori, said he wanted to reach the same rank as his stablemaster, Takadagawa oyakata [That is to say, Sekiwake. –PinkMawashi].


The stablemaster himself laughed and said he was aiming too low. Eventually they agreed that he should follow in the steps of Yokozuna Kashiwado, who hailed from Yamagata, Hakuyozan’s home.

With three promoted, three will be demoted. The demoted rikishi have not been announced, but obviously two of them are Enho and Takayoshitoshi. The third one will probably be Amakaze. If, like myself, you are wondering why ranked J7 he will be demoted rather than one of the low rankers with a make koshi (e.g. Tobizaru at J13), well, Amakaze had a very poor performance (3-12), and I’m told he was scheduled on senshuraku against Asabenkei, specifically to determine whether they should trade places. Amakaze lost, Asabenkei got the promotion, thus Amakaze goes.

Congratulations to the new (and returning) sekitori, and personally, if indeed Amakaze is the unlucky ex-sekitori, I hope to see both him and Enho back in their Kesho-mawashi soon.

8 thoughts on “Promotions to Juryo announced

    • I’m disappointed in you… He has been wearing it up since senshuraku of the previous basho. Try to do better next time. 😁😁😁

  1. Completely off-topic, so please forgive me but I just came across a great 6 minute video on YouTube entitled Back in Time With Harumafuji where they show him at various stages of his career and in some of his most important bouts and in the last minute of the video, he sings a song entitled Myself on a TV show and I was absolutely bawling by the time he finished. How incredibly sad.

      • He was runner-up to Hakuho 3 times: September 2008, November 2008 (play-off) and January 2015. In the last example he was in a three-way tie for second with Kisenosato and Tokushoryu (!).

  2. Off topic too, sorry for that… but no idea where else to mention.

    According to Japan Times Takanohana got demoted… again


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