Wakaichiro Loses Day 8 Match

As Bruce noted, Wakaichiro was in action today on Day 8, taking on Ginseizan of Otake-beya. Fortunately, I was at the EDION Arena taking in the day’s action, so Tachiai can provide the video of this match ourselves (with the usual disclaimer about elderly folks ambling into our camera angle).

Less fortunately, Wakaichiro suffered defeat to his 24 year old opponent by oshidashi in a battle of pushing and thrusting. He is now 2-2 on the tournament and we will continue to cheer him on as he pursues a kachi-koshi and upward momentum in the Sandanme division. As the rikishi walk past the spectators on the way into the arena, I attempted to find our man before the match but unfortunately could not find the entrance point for the east side until after his match had concluded. More on today’s experience at the EDION Arena will be coming soon to Tachiai.



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