Wakaichiro In Action Day 8


Our favorite Sandanme rikishi returns to the Haru dohyo before noon on day 8, facing off against Sandanme 90 Ginseizan. Ginseizan began sumo in 2013 in Osaka and is from Otake heya. He is the same height as Wakaichiro, but only weights 90kg. His highest rank is Sandanme 41 and has been bouncing between Sandanme and Jonidan for the past few years.

In spite of his weight advantage, Wakaichiro is going up against a seasoned veteran. This match will be an excellent test of his “survival” potential in the Sandanme division. It has been the case that Wakaichiro always fights better in Tokyo, so a kachi-koshi in Osaka would set him up for a significant tournament in May.

As always, we will bring you details and video once we find it.


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