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Delayed, but not denied – the 2018 Haru audio podcast is available.  Andy and Bruce discuss what is probably going to be a chaotic and surprising tournament, and sumo fans around the world can watch.

So put on some headphones and grab a drink as Andy and Bruce bring you their thoughts on Haru.

3 thoughts on “Haru Audio Podcast

  1. Fun as always, guys. With regard to Hokutofuji—it’s not really possible to avoid moving into the joi by trying to get your KK at M6 but being content with 8 or 9 wins. If we look at Hatsu, Takarafuji went 8-7 at M6 and finds himself at M2. Endo went 9-6 at M5 and is ranked M1. Shohozan and Chiyomaru vaulted from M9 to M4/M5 with 9-6 records. Basically, unless there’s an unusual confluence of winning records in the upper maegashira ranks, even a minimal KK anywhere near the joi will push you up into that group for the following tournament.

  2. Great to see a new sumo podcast. Sure wish there was a download option available so I could take it along on my next trip to the dojo.


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