San Francisco Sumo Meetup – Haru Day 8


Correction – not the first day of Haru, rather Saturday night the 17th to watch the 8th day of Haru

Sumo fans! It looks like there will be a group of like-minded folks gathering in San Francisco on Saturday night the 17th to watch the middle day of the Haru basho, live from Osaka. If you are so inclined to stay up for a bit past midnight with other sumo fans and cheer for your favorites, check out the link below.

Watch sumo live with other sumo fans!

Saturday, Mar 17, 2018, 10:30 PM

Pa’ina Restaurant & Lounge
1865 Post Street San Francisco, CA

7 Members Attending

Curious about sumo wrestling? Interested in viewing matches with other Sumo fanatics, and learning more about this fascinating ancient sport? This is the meetup for you!We will be meeting every two months in San Francisco at a friendly spot in Japantown to watch the live tournaments broadcast from Japan! Come visit with other sumo devotees, and l…

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11 thoughts on “San Francisco Sumo Meetup – Haru Day 8

  1. How wonderful! Will be with u in spirit- I’ll probably demolish my data usage and watch live stream Youtube- luckily we’re (Gold Coast) only 1 hour ahead of Japan so no time difference to speak of 😉

    • That may in fact be how we will watch it…still figuring out the details as to how to get the stream, but I’m confident we can do it!

      • I had some luck with the AbemaTV live stream using a VPN from a university in Japan. Let me know if you need any info on that. The restaurant seems the perfect choice!

    • Thanks! Yeah I’ve thought about trying to get people together here in SF for a while…the only trick was finding the right spot, and I think we’ve found it! I know there’s a bunch of bay area sumo fans who read this blog, so I hope to get as many as possible to show up!

  2. Just a quick correction! I’m the organizer, but we aren’t meeting the first day of the tournament, but March 17th, which is about halfway through! it will be in full swing by then!!!


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