Hatsu Basho Scorecard

Hatsu Scorecard PreviewWith the return of sumo just a few weeks away, I’ve put together a new scorecard for the 2018 Hatsu Basho. I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone for the great feedback the first scorecard received! I’m glad that everyone enjoyed it and I plan on having updated versions for each basho from now on.

As for filling out the scorecard, here is the system I use during each basho:

Win= White circle.
Loss= Black circle.
Kinboshi= Gold circle.
Kyujo= Black circle, cross out all remaining days.

There is really no wrong way to fill it out, however, so feel free to come up with the system that works best for you. Here’s to a Happy New Year and more great sumo in 2018!!

Hatsu Basho Score Card Part 1
Hatsu Basho Score Card Part 2

17 thoughts on “Hatsu Basho Scorecard

    • If Givemechanko is able to use this layout to build one after I post the picks, I’m all about it!!!!

  1. Nice, thanks, this will help us enjoy it even more. Now if only NHK World would show 1 or more hours, rather than the endless repeats of other shows, it would be one step closer to Sumo Heaven, with heaven being close-up seats.

    Speaking of which…

    I’d sure like to go on an all-sumo, all-Tachiai.org tourist trip to Japan, visiting a stable or two, the museum and, of course, watching about 10 hours per day while eating bento, chanko nable and all sorts of other delights, along with a tourist group of Tachiai.org groupies!

    Bring the Ben-Gay, of course, for sore legs after for sitting for more than 5 minutes on the cushion…

    • I’d love to see a full screen of Tachiai fans sitting in back of the judges one basho. Probably would only last until makushita, then everyone would get kicked out of the fancy cushions and back to the boxes.

      I do know if we ever get to go again soon, I’ll try to splurge on a 4 person box.

        • Nice, I hope it’s a great day of matches!

          With the legal streaming gone atm, I don’t know what I’m going to do for sumo in January besides grouse. :P

          • I am going to be there from Day 9 -Day 15.
            I will be putting up any lower ranked matches I can manage to film on the Tachiai Instagram page (especially those of Josh’s ones to watch’). I will also try to Instagram live what I can.

  2. Excellent Christmas present!

    I know I’m perverse, but I track wins by filling in the circle and losses by putting a hash through the circle. I would confuse myself if I left circles blank to mean something…

    One thing I started doing in order to track “strength of schedule” and “quality of win” is to mark the rank of opponent above the circle. It’s a tight squeeze that way, but it makes it easier for me to go back and check on the big wins, the upsets, etc.

  3. Isn’t it possible that a rikishi who goes kyujo and withdraws because of injury could return in later rounds if he recovers? X-ing out all the circles may be premature in that case.

  4. Thank you. The spreadsheet is helpful and fun to play along at home. It is particularly it is helpful in understanding the banzuke for the next tournament.

    Keep up the good work.

  5. I am missing a scorecard in the form of a 40 x 40 matrix with all the rikishi in sanyaku + maegashira on the axes. Then it is easy to follow how possible pairings fill in the region along the diagonal. Some years ago one link posted all the results in this way. Very illuminating.


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