Short Jungyo Newsreel – December 14-15

🌐 Location: Miyakojima, Okinawa

The second day of the Jungyo at Miyakojima continued pretty much the same as the first day.

Venue filling up in the early afternoon

Hakuho still didn’t practice on the dohyo, and opted for practicing with low-rank partners in what was at first a quiet corner:


Ikioi joined the Jinku team again, once again singing the part dedicated to Yuho. He commented later “Yuho has always been kind to me and cared about my well-being. I put my soul into the song and I believe it has reached him in Heaven”.

Ikioi in the Jinku finale. Note the fan with the lyrics stuck in his mawashi.

Kakuryu did the tsuna-shime ceremony again. On his way back down the hana-michi, still wearing his rope, he high-fived a kid who stood on the sidelines with his hand extended (this used to be a Harumafuji specialty).

The main difference between yesterday and today was that Hakuho found motivation enough to want to win the Yusho on the second day. Remember, the top 16 rikishi were competing in elimination format.

Hakuho beat Onosho in the first bout. In the second, he defeated Tochiozan. In the semifinal, he met Terunofuji (back on the torikumi, apparently, and able to win two bouts!), and passed him as well. In the final bout, he faced Chiyotairyu – but lost, and the yusho slipped away.

“Aaagh… I wanted that yusho!” he lamented in the shitakubeya.

The day ended in dance again. Note Homarefuji dancing like a boss, hand motions and all:

Today (December 15th) the Jungyo was on hiatus again, as the rikishi took flights back north to the main island of Okinawa. The first plane that landed included Kakuryu and Takayasu, and a few other sekitori, and they ended up participating in a welcome party at the Naha airport, in the company of the lovely Miss Okinawa.


A while later Hakuho and Goeido arrived as well, and the two Yokozuna and two Ozeki, together with Kasugano oyakata, went to lay flowers at the Cemetery for the Fallen in the Battle of Okinawa in Itoman, and also had a moment of silence at the Cornerstone of Peace.

Tomorrow the Jungyo renews, for the final two days in Ginowan.

12 thoughts on “Short Jungyo Newsreel – December 14-15

  1. Thanks so much for all the tour coverage. I’m sorry if I wasn’t paying attention earlier, but am I right in thinking that Kisenosato has skipped the whole schedule? No practice matches, no public training, no meet-and-greet, no baby-juggling? If that IS the case, how grim is the outlook for him in the January basho?

    • Kisenosato has been kyujo from the whole Jungyo and stayed back in Tokyo.I have seen a report from someone on Twitter who visited Tagonoura, that the Yokozuna has been seen in the keiko room. So he may be having better practice than those who need to travel around and eat fast food in the Jungyo. I still tend to believe he will be kyujo from the basho as he has been warned that the next time he participates, he has to participate the whole way and has no option of going kyujo in the middle.

    • Are you kidding me? The Japanese press is full of Takonohana news non-stop. The problem is, there is no Takanoiwa news. He is still incommunicado. Takanohana still won’t let him talk to the NSK or anybody else.


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