Nishiiwa Beya To Open Feb 2018, 5 Wrestlers Promoted to Juryo

Hat-tip to Asashosakari for posting on Reddit that the new Nishiiwa Beya will open in 2018, headed by former Sekiwake Wakanosato. Nikkan Sports reports that this will be the 46th stable, an off-shoot from Taganoura stable where he is currently coaching. Youngsters Wakanoguchi and Wakasatake will make the move with him. Both were Jonidan-ranked wrestlers for the Kyushu tournament, having made their debuts earlier this year. The Japanese Sumo Kyokai’s website has a full list available.

Five wrestlers were promoted to the full-time salaried ranks of Juryo. Mitoryu (6-1) and Akua (5-2) will make their Juryo debuts Hatsubasho. Three others will be returning, Kizenryu, Daishoho, and Makushita yusho winner Tochihiryu.

In other news, nine wrestlers announced their retirement with the headliner obviously being Yokozuna Harumafuji. Kotohayashi from Sandanme, four Jonidan wrestlers (Suekawa, Kasuganami, Hasugeyama, Mutsumi), two Jonokuchi wrestlers (Tomiyama & Masuyama) and unranked Wakainoue also called it quits.

7 thoughts on “Nishiiwa Beya To Open Feb 2018, 5 Wrestlers Promoted to Juryo

  1. I was reading about this the other day, and it was saying that it is Kizenryu‘s 8th time being promoted to Juryo? Amazing!

    • Yeah. He spent one basho there each time. The last time apparently ended in an injury. Let’s hope he’ll have better luck this time.

  2. If five advanced, this means four are going to drop. My guess would be the valiant Terutsuyoshi 😟, Chiyootori (who was kyujo), Daiseido and Yago.

  3. I will be looking forward to seeing Mitoryu in juryo. Let’s hope he can give Mongolia something to smile about. Akua’s promotion comes after 28 straight tournaments in makushita.

    • It’s hard to break the curse of the shokkiri!

      (Unless you are one of the Taka twins. I suppose they are impervious to curses)

  4. I’m looking forward to cheering on Akua in Juryo (despite those forum naysayers who don’t like his name). Hopefully his partner in crime Baraki can have a better tournament in January too.

    Best of luck to the brand new stable!


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