Wakaichiro Loses Day 12 Match


American sumotori Wakaichiro was bested in his day 12 contest against Miyazaki, who defeated him with an overarm throw (Uwatenage). This drops Wakaichiro to 1-5 for Kyushu, a solid losing record. It is likely that he will return to Jonidan for the January Hatsu basho.

He has one match remaining, which we expect on day 14.

8 thoughts on “Wakaichiro Loses Day 12 Match

  1. OK that stinks but not surprising I guess. This will be his real test – – can he overcome the disappointment and frustration and the seemingly huge steep mountain? Or will he think it’s an impossible task and end up quitting. A really good stable manager is key here now.

      • Expecting a setback, and coping with and recovering from a setback when it happens, are two very different things.

        • Of course, but this isn’t boxing or MMA where any half-way decent prospect is pampered until he’s run up a big no-loss record against “safe” competition, or spectacularly failed in doing so. The way honbasho work, failure is ingrained in the structure for everybody that participates. To fall at the first big hurdle (of potentially many to come) would, quite honestly, be a bit pathetic, and I’m not sure what it insinuates that the question is being posed about Wakaichiro in the first place.

          • Wakaichiro may never make it higher, or he might grind his way to the top. I am interested in the journey he is making. he is in the process of providing data on a few questions that interest me. That’s what drew me to covering him to begin with. It also turns out that he’s a personable fellow as well. For me, I am going to stay engaged.

  2. Sorry for the late link, holidays get in the way of watching all the divisions! I hope Mushashikuni can pull out a win on his final day, so we won’t see a double MK for Team America.

    I think he’s in good hands in Musashigawa and won’t give up. You can see in the video that his knees are both taped up, so he may be getting a bit banged up from falling off the dohyo.


    • Excellent, thank you for posting it. Miyazaki did a great job of using Wakaichiro’s momentum against him. These are things that come with training.

    • An excellent bout! I was worried that Waikachiro would simply get pushed around the dohyo and thrown. That was quite competitive and I’m sure he’ll learn from the experience.


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