Wakaichiro In Action Day 12


Day 12 in Fukuoka sees American sumotori Wakaichiro return to the dohyo for his 6th match of the Kyushu tournament. Coming into day 12, Wakaichiro has a 1-4 record, with an outlook for a lower rank in January. But there are two matches remaining (one of them today) and his final score will determine the severity of his demotion, and if he will remain in the Sandanme division.

His opponent for day 12 is Tokitsukaze heya’s Miyazaki, a relative newcomer who has been ranked as high as Sandanme 59. Miyazaki is a bit shorter, and quite a bit heavier than Wakaichiro, and will likely provide him with a stiff challenge. As always we will bring you news of the match as soon as we have results, and if we should come across any video, we will share that as well.

Go Wakaichiro!

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