Wakaichiro Wins His Day 3 Match


Texas sumotori Wakaichiro prevailed in his second match of the Kyushu basho, beating Sandanme 86 Kotonoshima. After an early hatakikomi attempt from Kotonoshima, Wakaichiro rallied and beat his opponent with an oshidashi (Frontal Push Out Technique). We will bring you video as soon as it is posted and we can find it.

With this win, Wakaichiro improves to 1-1 for Kyushu. His next bout will likely come on day 5 or 6.

9 thoughts on “Wakaichiro Wins His Day 3 Match

  1. I got so stuck on the first story that I missed this and only just saw he won when my app updated! Yay Ichiro!!!!


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