Harumafuji Withdraws From Kyushu Basho – Updated


It has been announced that Yokozuna Harumafuji has withdrawn from the Kyushu basho as of this morning. There is currently some controversy swirling around him due to a fight with another rikishi. The Japanese press is swirling with allegations, and frankly they seem too fantastic to repeat here until there is more evidence. However the Sumo Kyokai has opened an investigation of Harumafuji, and as a result he has withdrawn until they complete their review. Tamawashi picks up a fusen win for their day 3 match.

It is also noted that Aoiyama has withdrawn as of day 3 with an ankle injury sustained day 2, Kaisei will gain a fusen win for their day 3 match.

Update – Video report now running on NHK World:  https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/news/20171114_80/

16 thoughts on “Harumafuji Withdraws From Kyushu Basho – Updated

  1. Maybe it was actually Ichinojo causing trouble again in the grocery store by throwing beer at Takanoiwa, but Haruma is being a gentleman and trying to prevent any scandal for the youngster? 😛

    (This basho has become seriously depressing, even silly interview jokes don’t help)


  2. According to NHK, the Chairman of Yokozuna Deliberation community was quoted asking the Sumo Association for strict measures in resolving this case. The translated quote reads:

    “If the yokozuna who should have a high dignity as a model of the full strength fighter had caused violence, I will ask for the strict measures of the association.”

    Also, it appears Harumafuji and Isegahama oyakata attempted to meet with Takanohana, but he refused to see them.


  3. Bad news story of the year. This sounds like the kind of incident that sees the YDC requesting that a wrestler submits his resignation. See also Futahaguro, Asashoryu. I hope that scenario can be avoided but it looks very bad for Harumafuji.

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  4. Must all of Jason’s favorite wrestlers be forced to retire after baffling and inexplicable acts of violence away from the dohyo? What in the world is going on?


  5. Oh good freaking grief. I wake up in the morning, and somehow Saint Harumafuji has transformed into Asashoryu? No, worse. Because a skull fracture and concussion is worse than what was reported of that poor sod that Asashoryu assaulted.

    The things that alcohol does.

    Ah, the cognitive dissonance. My freaking favorite Yokozuna, the guy who tries to ensure that his opponents don’t break bones by keeping them on the dohyo. The guy who is best known as the saint patron of sumo-loving children and a fansa-kami-sama. And he uses those fine-tuned arm muscles of his to break a bottle over a man’s skull?

    What’s next, the Dalai Lama accused of rape?


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