Wakaichiro Returns – Day 3


Coming back from his day 2 loss to Kotomyozan, our rikishi from Texas faces another of the tribe from Sadogatake beya, today it’s Sandanme 86 Kotonoshima. Kotonoshima is both taller and heavier than Wakaichiro, and like Kotomyozan is a long serving veteran of the lower sumo ranks. He is currently at his highest rank ever, and he will present another stiff challenge for Wakaiciro.

Sadly it seems that our video champion, One and Only, is not recording the lower division matches in Fukuoka, so we are still struggling to find footage of the first match. We will bring you updates later today (US time) as soon as we learn the results.

Go Texas Sumo!

3 thoughts on “Wakaichiro Returns – Day 3

    • You are awarded 10,000 mawashi points for your meritorious posting of a much coveted video, and shall forever be named as a true and noble friend of Tachiai!

      You will understand, of course, if I go post this now….



      • I will totally use those mawashi points to bribe the totally unrelated person I know to post more unlisted sandanme videos as needed. 😉


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