Video of Wakaichiro’s Day 2 Match

Tachiai has meritoriously awarded a generous bounty of 10,000 mawashi points to reader Nista, who was so incredibly kind to post the video of our favorite Texas sumotori.

Sadly, he did in fact lose his match, but there are a number of interesting cues we can gather from watching his first battle in Sandanme. Firstly, the rikishi he is facing now are much tougher. Second, they are still struggling with his hair. Lastly, I think he may have actually lost weight from Aki.

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7 thoughts on “Video of Wakaichiro’s Day 2 Match

  1. He definitely looked outgunned here, maybe the next level is learning how to read the opponent’s moves and quickly respond. For example (and it’s easy for me to say) but he might have been able to spin to his right to avoid the pushout and maybe use the opponent’s momentum to push him out of the ring? Hindsight is 20/20, as they say…

  2. At least he’s not in much danger of a skull fracture with that hair helmet the tokoyama have given him. 0.0

    I almost wonder if he’d be better off if they could create a straight chonmage hair extension to weave in for him, and keep his natural hair shorter. But that probably violates tradition in some way.

    • Depends what tradition. Maiko use hair extensions all the time, and definitely when they get to the stage they wear mage. Not to mention full Geiko who simply wear wigs. So tradition in Japan can be bent even in the most “traditional” professions. I think this could solve the problem for people like Aminishiki who don’t have much hair left.

      (P.S. since most people here will know more about Sumo than about the Geisha world, Geiko is the Kyoto equivalent of what’s called a Geisha in Tokyo. But Tokyo is a lot less traditional than Kyoto w.r.t. the Geisha world. The equivalents of Maiko, apprentice Geiko, in Tokyo are called Hangyoku, and they wear wigs, period).

  3. I wonder if they can chemically straighten his hair?
    I am a huge fan of Wakaichiro, but I think he may have a hard time this Basho, due to the increased skill of his opponents. But as long as he has the maturity to see this as a learning experience and grow from it, he should be all good.

    • They could, but chemical relaxers damage the hair, dry it out and cause breakage over time. Not good for a young man to have to maintain for years at a time, and it’s hard to say if their stylists are trained to deal with type 3 and 4 hair.

      He’s not big enough yet to power move these bigger guys out of the ring, so hopefully he’ll take a page or two from the agile and wily upper level rikishi. Learn to use their mass against them or slap em silly.

      • I think he will get there, I just hope he keeps his spirit up. For someone with now Sumo background he is doing well, as well as being what appears to be a very supportive Heya.

        I saw a video on Musashigawa where on of the other rikishi was getting his hair done for the first time and they had to shave a patch on his head to make it sit right. My first thought was, please don’t do that to Wakaichiro! He has such amazing hair!

  4. From a technical standpoint, he almost did an American Football block with both of his arms at the tachiai. He tried to win with tsuppari (has he won with that a lot in the lower levels?) and never went near the belt. He also stood up too much which is what allowed his opponent to get under him and shove him out of the ring.
    I think these bouts will be a good learning experience for him and I don’t expect that he’ll have a terrible record based on what I’m seeing here.


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