The Torikumi is posted!

Day 1 matches are here

Day 2 matches are here

In Makuuchi, Kakuryu, Takanoiwa and Ura are out. Takanoiwa is news to me.

My forecast for Day 1 was right on, if one makes allowances for Kakuryu’s subsequent withdrawal.

Day 1 highlights:

Harumafuji vs. Onosho

Hakuho vs. Kotoshogiku

Kisenosato vs. Tamawashi

Goeido vs. Takakeisho

Takayasu vs. Chiyotairyu

Day 2 highlights:

Hakuho vs. Tamawashi

Kisenosato vs. Onosho

Harumafuji vs. Takakeisho

Goeido vs. Kotoshogiku

Let the fun begin!

3 thoughts on “The Torikumi is posted!

  1. If you were a struggling yokozuna with upper body injuries, which of your likely opponents would you least like to fight on Day 1. That’s right, it would be mister no-respect, in your face, blam-blam-blam Tamawashi. This match might tell us a lot about how “back” Kisenosato really is.

  2. Shohozan vs yoshikaze – have the first aid kits ready..
    Arawashi vs chiyonokuni – hell yes, both feisty and expert technicians.
    Takarafuji vs ichinojo- mammoth methodical man belt battle, hope 4 a big throw into the audience!


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