Short Jungyo Newsreel – October 24th and 25th

Yes, I know, I know. You expect two days’ worth of Jungyo goodness. But the Japanese media is not obliging. Most papers only have updates on Nishonoseki Oyakata. Unfortunately, the updates only say “No change, he is still unconscious”, with some, rather indelicately, I think, adding that “He will be absent from the entire Kyushu basho”. No s–t…

So first, for those readers who do not follow Tachiai on Twitter: if you’re interested in seeing bouts not just of the top echelon but of the entire Makuuchi from Asanoyama through the various Chiyos and Fujis, head back to the Osaka post, where I edited in a video of the complete and yummy set of Makuuchi bouts.

Now on to the meager fare of the past two days:

🌐 Location: Okayama

Kakuryu keeps his word

A few days ago, when he was interviewed about his san-ban with Asanoyama, Kakuryu said that Asanoyama was a good yotsu rival, but that next time he was going to look for an oshi-zumo specialist to continue honing his own skills.


And true to his word, his preferred san-ban opponent this day was Daieisho. This consisted of 10 bouts, all of which the Yokozuna won.

When asked about the condition of his ankle, he said “I felt no difficulty, neither when I braced myself against it, nor when I moved from side to side”.

Later on that evening, he also added a win against Goeido to those 10 practice wins.

Kisenosato beats Hakuho

Kisenosato exhibits his usual tenacity and finally manages to shrink the gap to 6:3.

(Sorry for the shaky video)

🌐 Location: Yabu

News were even scarcer here. Apparently, Several sekitori from Hyogo prefecture (e.g. Takakeisho, Myogiryu – Terutsuyoshi doesn’t seem to be participating in the Jungyo) shared the adoration of the local crowd. Currently no toriukmi videos, only photos.


Hakuho wins, bringing the balance to 7:3.

As usual, keep your eyes peeled. If any video materializes, I’ll be sure to add it.

7 thoughts on “Short Jungyo Newsreel – October 24th and 25th

    • I am also excited and curious to see how Kakuryu does this basho. He has been hampered by his health for a while now.

  1. That video of the makuuchi bouts was almost as satisfying as a tournament day.

    Takakeisho, Onosho, Hokutofuji — tadpoles triumphant! I always notice when a winning rikishi shows good sportsmanship by stabilizing his opponent at the edge of the dohyo, as Hokutofuji did in the video.

    Is it just me or were there rather a lot of unraveling mawashi?

    • Chiyomaru’s victory over Nishikigi is worthy of a closer look at 0.25x speed. Nishikigi initiates a push and Chiyomaru’s throw is judo-like in its yielding to and redirection of Nishikigi’s energy.


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