Jungyo Newsreel – October 22nd

🌐 Location: Osaka

Terunofuji keeps working like mad


He came early to the morning practice, and found himself the only member of the joi present. So he got right up on the dohyo and did 14 bouts (opponents unspecified), of which he won 11 and lost 3. You could see him establish a left-hand upper grip right off the tachiai, and powerfully pushing his opponent all in one go. “Not good enough yet. I want to increase the number of bouts.” he said. When asked if he has any concerns regarding his body he replied with a smile “Yes, I have many of those”.


Ikioi goes on a diet to relieve back pain


The Isenoumi wrestler, who was absent from the jungyo due to back pains, revealed that he was diagnosed following the Aki basho with a bulging disc, causing him pains whenever he leaned forward. He was advised not to have surgery, but instead to strengthen the muscles in the affected area, and lose some weight to take some of the load off it. He is on a diet following that advice.

Today he was not doing any on-dohyo exercise, except kiddie sumo, accompanied by cheers from the local crowd, as he is himself from the Osaka Prefecture.


Ichinojo leaves the Jungyo due to hernia

He practiced yesterday in Kishiwada, but did not participate in the torikumi, instead heading back to Tokyo. “It’s a hernia, but it’s a preexisting condition. The affected area has probably been overloaded”, said Tamanoi Oyakata, deputy head of the Jungyo department. “It’s not severe.”


Hakuho makes love to Takakeisho

In the form of butsukari geiko, of course…

The Miracle Of Love

The dai-yokozuna once again dedicated over five minutes to the youngster (shouldn’t he have deducted their Nagoya bout?), and sent him rolling on the ground time and time again.

The Takanohana wrestler was, of course, grateful for the privilege. “It’s not something he would have done for someone he thinks nothing of.”

Following his disastrous Nagoya basho, Takakeisho says he has learned his lesson: “I became depressed after the initial setbacks, and that made it hard for me to even out my score later on. I need to give 100%, grasp at the challenge, and stir things up without thinking too deeply”. Originating from the nearby Hyogo prefecture, Takakeisho vowed that by the next Osaka honbasho, he will be in sanyaku.

(Daily Sports Online)


For those who cherish the Kotoyuki hoot:

Mitakeumi takes revenge on Terunofuji:

Can’t believe he lifted that mountain like that…

And the Musubi of the day:

Note the amount of salt that Hakuho throws in the Jungyo…

Different angle:

Kisenosato must be getting pretty frustrated. Hakuho 6 – Kisenosato 2.

Edit: All Makuuchi bouts of the day:

  • Yutakayama-Asanoyama (Level gap visible)
  • Kaisei-Okinoumi
  • Chiyomaru-Nishikigi (Impressive!)
  • Takekaze-Daieisho (Nice gaburi)
  • Daishomaru-Ishiura (Yet another flagrant henka. The guy has no shame. Doesn’t work, though)
  • Takarafuji-Takanoiwa (Patience pays)
  • Ikioi-Chiyoshoma (Ikioi gets lots of “gambare” at his home prefecture)
  • Kagayaki-Chiyonokuni (Slappity-slap)
  • Takakeisho-Shodai (This one’s weird)
  • Shohozan-Onosho (Looks like Shokkiri for a second there)
  • Chiyotairyu-Hokutofuji (Boom! Boom!)
  • Tochiozan-Kotoshogiku (Kotoshogiku super motivated)
  • Yoshikaze-Tamawashi (Yosh, that’s not the way to an Ozeki run…)
  • Terunofuji-Mitakeumi (Different angle)
  • Kakuryu-Goeido (what’s with all the wardrobe malfunctions?)
  • Kisenosato-Hakuho (Different angle)

For the full Juryo bouts refer to tomorrow’s post.

10 thoughts on “Jungyo Newsreel – October 22nd

  1. I am starting to allow myself a ray of hope that Terunofuji is able to really bring the Kaiju mode to Kyushu. I know he has the ability if he is genki enough to pull it off. So Ichinojo suffers from a hernia? That actually completely explains why many day’s he’s so limp. Another rikishi who could probably bounce back from about 3 months surgery and recovery period.

    • I know that Ichinojo had some sort of lower back pains in the past, after which he was ordered to lose some weight. Perhaps this is the same thing, and they just didn’t call it a hernia before?

      One thing is certain – he gained back much of the weight he lost. And he shouldn’t have.

  2. I really like these Kise vs. Hakuho bouts. As a Kisenosato Fan I am of course sad that he cannot seem to win against a serious Hakuho, but his balance is really something I love to watch. Hakuho throws all these cool and powerful attacks at him and he withstands it all. But then he doesn’t seem to be able to generate any meaningful offense himself and is ultimately overpowered and loses.
    I know I shouldn’t necessarily try to read too much into these jungyo matches. Maybe Hakuho is just playing with Kise longer than he would have to at this point, but I still haven’t given up hope of seeing Kise come back strong next honbasho. And if he can hold up at least somewhat decently well against Hakuho, I think that might already be a good sign for his current strenght.
    Anyway, thanks from me as well for these great jungyo posts. I don’t post here often, but I always read with great pleasure.

  3. A bulging disc and a hernia? Ow. Owowowowow! I hope both rikishi heal well and quickly!

    It’s interesting see that Hakuho and Kisenosato use a lot of the same patterned moves during each Musubi. Hakuho pushed Kise out during his one handed grip yesterday, but today it didn’t work.

    • I believe the “old guard” wrestlers know each other like the back of their hands.

      I believe this is also what was behind Harumafuji’s recovery in the Aki basho. All his wins were against wrestlers he was familiar with, with Goeido first and foremost. Mitakeumi is a possible exception, but of course the Yokozuna (a) has more experience and (b) wouldn’t underestimate anybody who beat Hakuho.

      I wish they changed the torikumi from day to day in the Jungyo. I’d have loved seeing both Hakuho and Kisenosato handle other joi wrestlers.

  4. As a Giku fan, i personally hope Teru will fall short from 10 wins.. i still expect that as a revenge for his awful henka back in march. It will taste even better if Giku did a henka on his 6th loss.

    Meanwhile, i hope those injured rikishi will quickly heal and return fit, especially Ikioi…

    • That’s ok, I have my Kotoshogiku voodoo doll ready, just so he suffers crushing gas pains and falls over sideways if he so much as glares at our Kaiju buddy. :)

      I hope the other two recover, unwanted bulges are bad all around. I’m kind of curious what type of hernia it is, to be that debilitating. A hiatal one would be rough if you have to eat in the quantities they do.

      • Hah. I don’t think Tamanoi would divulge that information even if he was given the details. Some hernias can be, well, very private.

        And if he did, don’t expect me to be able to translate it properly… medical terms can be tricky even in my mother’s tongue.


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