Wakaichiro Wins Day 11 – Kachi-Koshi!


Headed For Sandanme in November

Early news from Tokyo that American sumotori Wakaichiro won his day 11 match against Jonidan 9 Kiryu. With this win, Wakaichiro has secured a winning record, and will likely be ranked in Sandanme for the November basho in Kyushu.

Video below courtesy of twitter user SumoSoul:

Congratulations to Wakaichiro! Well done indeed! Thanks to SumoSoul for posting it.

6 thoughts on “Wakaichiro Wins Day 11 – Kachi-Koshi!

  1. He is looking really genki. I love that new move of slapping the hell out of himself right before he sets – makes him look a bit mad. Can only wonder what his opponents think. His mobility is also really impressive.

  2. Really awesome for him! And it looked like the ladies in the audience wanted to chat with him afterwards, so hopefully he will become as popular in Japan as on Tachiai. :)

    I wonder where they are going to find a hairdresser with the skills to tame that mane into a chonmage. I hope they aren’t going to have to relax and straighten his hair constantly, that’s a painful process.


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