A few more thoughts on Day 5

I’m getting on the Asanoyama bandwagon. That was a fairly impressive win against a seemingly game Okinoumi.

On the other hand, the other yama twin, Yutakayama, looks like his second stay in Makuuchi will be just as brief as his first.

Are we seeing the last of Takekaze, whose deep bag of tricks doesn’t seem to be working anymore even this far down the banzuke?

ArawashiTakanoiwa was a war—possibly the bout of the day.

Ichinojo is a load when he decides to actually do sumo!

After Kotoshogiku failed to take advantage of Shodai’s tachiai, the bulldozer got bulldozed.

Yoshikaze the berserker finally showed up, at least for a day.

Onosho rhymes with yusho. 5-0 vs. all San’yaku opponents, and running out of San’yaku to face (only Tochiozan left after Goeido). How big is Onosho-Goeido on Day 6?

7 thoughts on “A few more thoughts on Day 5

    • Yes, please. If he ended up rubbing my favorite (though nonfunctioning) Terunofuji’s nose in dirt, and flipping my second favorite Harumafuji like a coin, the least he can do is explain to Goeido that sumo fans want to see sumo, not fat men doing the Achey-Breaky-Heart dance. And by explain I mean cover in mud and salt or give him an introduction to the kimono-wearing obasan in the third row.

      • I totally wish a big old gaijin like me could cop a front row ticket, even if I had to pretend to be an obasan. I at least would be a cushier platform for them to land on, a human airbag of sorts. I’d be tempted to give Goeido a swift poke in the ribs (where the judges can’t see) for all his antics though. :)

  1. Does anyone else have a cynical internal voice whispering that maybe the only reason Arawashi isn’t in the joi-jin or even san’yaku right now is that he’d rather earn yaocho money throwing matches?

  2. I’m right there with you on Asanoyama bandwagon. His genuine love for sumo, on top of his developing skill has made me really like him. I love starting my day by watching him do sumo, so I hope he gets his kachi koshi and stays in the Makuuchi for a long time! Onosho is another guy who has really impressed me, and he and Asa have definitely joined my favorites list!


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