Haru Day 9: Arawashi Kinboshi

Arawashi needs a miracle to stave off make-koshi but as we saw last tournament, that doesn’t mean he can’t grab a few kinboshi. He pretty well man-handled Harumafuji today. He met him head-on from the tachiai and then stood his ground as Haru moved left, torqueing the yokozuna back across the ring and out. The Maegashira now has kinboshi against his three compatriot yokozuna, going back to last tournament. Harumafuji is now effectively out of the yusho race, three losses back.

Kisenosato stays in the lead shared with stablemate, Takayasu, as a quick pull led to a hatakikomi victory – and a belly full of clay for Kotoshogiku. Giku still needs 4 more wins in this final week to regain his rank. Kakuryu also put away his opponent, Takarafuji, with relative ease. He was never threatened by Takarafuji’s charge and maintained his position square in the center of the ring as he worked the maegashira out.

Terunofuji is hungry. Unfortunately, always eager Ikioi was the main course. All that was needed was a left handed belt grip and the ozeki paraded Ikioi around before shoving him off the dohyo to a losing record. Ikioi landed on his feet but that sure didn’t look too comfortable as Bruce is likely right, he seems a bit injured. So, now it’s assured he will fall down the banzuke. The only question is how far? It kills me when he goes on these losing streaks.

Takayasu effectively countered Takekaze’s version of the mini-henka to stay unbeaten and on top with Kise. He put on the brakes quickly and slapped the 37-year-old veteran for trying to pull that crap. Harumafuji usually succeeds in getting a secure belt grip and using the opponent’s momentum to start a death spin. (As mentioned above, it didn’t work for the yokozuna today because Arawashi stood his ground.) But Takekaze didn’t get any part of Takayasu’s belt. Instead, his face got a whole bunch of Takayasu, and then clay, as the sekiwake batted him down.

That covers the leaders. I’ve got to run to work.




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