Kintamayama Previews The Aki Basho

Sumo media grand shaman Kintamayama took to his YouTube channel to share his thoughts on the upcoming Aki basho. The man is a legend and may genuinely be responsible for bringing sumo to thousands, and as always he has some great insights, including comments on todays Soken.

18 thoughts on “Kintamayama Previews The Aki Basho

  1. BAD NEWS and big problems coming folks! I just discovered that NHK is no longer broadcasting the 1/2 hour Sumo summaries! Here on the east coast in Comcast/Xfinity land, you now have to pay $24.99 per month to get the Japan TV channel if you want to get the 1/2 hour Sumo coverage! This really stinks, to coin a phrase…

    I already pay $204.53 per month for internet and TV, and that’s without any premium movie channels. I don’t want to pay another 25 bucks a month on top of that.

    So, I sure would like to know if there’s any free or nearly free way to watch Sumo online? Maybe a blog post about any alternative methods for watching is in order? Thanks.

    • I can see “Grand Sumo highlights” in the NHK World TV schedule for September 10th. What is your source of information?

      • I’m looking at the Comcast/Xfinity NHK listings, channel 268 here in Maryland, Sumo does not show up. I just noticed it last night as I went to schedule the X1 box to record it. I have an Xfinity X1 box

        • Well, I don’t live in the USA so I can’t say for sure, but is your channel actually “NHK World”? Or some other NHK version?

          If it’s not NHK world, then NHK world is available on the web or using their mobile app. This is the schedule page. There is also a “how to watch” page that lists providers in various countries. If you have Kodi, it’s also available there through several plug-ins.

          • Good tip thanks, I hope they have Sumo coverage, I’ll check it out. I watched it on NHK TV many times before, so I’m surprised that it doesn’t show up on my NHK TV guide now. Of course, Comcast probably wants to force us to pay the extra $24.99 per month now.

    • I have noticed that NHK is cutting back on things a bit, such as their 30 minute news casts are now frequently 10 minutes, even outside of their normal weekend schedule. But I think this would not be the way they go. I think sumo coverage is a big draw for NHK World, and frankly I am hoping they expand it to more than the 22 minute or so block it gets now.

      But Herouth is correct, the day 1 highlights are scheduled for 12:30 PM Central on the 10th (Next Sunday).

  2. I can confirm that sumo highlights seems to have disappeared from the broadcast nhk world schedule in the UK, though oddly there is a preview show on Friday. At least according to the Virgin TV guide.

    • So I am hope this is some indication that NHK World intends to expand coverage, which is something we have all been begging for. I know, long shot and unlikely, but one can dream.

      • It’s rather confusing. The NHK World website clearly shows the highlights show scheduled in its usual daily spot. But my cable network (Virgin) has a completely different schedule for NHK World with no sumo at all outside the preview show. I’m hoping its just a cock up on Virgin’s part…why would you have a preview show for an event you are not planning to cover?!?! Be interested if anyone in the UK with another provider such as Sky or Freesat is also having the same issue.

        And yes, broader coverage would be most welcome!

        And apologies for furthering the thread derailment…


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