Labor Day Open Thread

Kokugikan Signs

While I am tied up in mandatory yard work this weekend, please feel free to post your thoughts on who is going to take the Aki yusho and jun-yusho. Bonus points on why.

Also feel free to guess who is going kyujo when, and what reason.

With luck I will be done by this evening and back to sumo coverage.

14 thoughts on “Labor Day Open Thread

  1. I think Harumafuji and Terunofuji both finish 13-2, and we get out first ever bout between the two to decide the championship. Pecking order holds and Harumafuji raises the Cup.

    • Yeah, that would be fun. I pray that Terunofuji’s knee surgery was successful. I really want to see the big kaiju back in action.

  2. Hakuho withdraws on day 3 with a sprained mandibula, Tochinoshin finally throws someone into orbit and takes out the ISS (come on, you knew it had to happen sooner or later), Ishiura goes zensho-yusho despite losing his right leg on day 8.

  3. 5 way playoff between Harumafuji, goiedo, terunofuji, takayasu and mitakeumi. Takayasu wins by shedding his hirsuite coat to create a secondary takayasu tag team partner.

  4. An up-and-comer who is supposed to slump will compete for the yusho (I just don’t know which one to back!). Terunofuji holds him off by a single win. Goeido grits his way toward 8 but has to withdraw and drops rank. Aoiyama never sniffs M2 again. Hakuho “only” gets 11 wins.

    My only fear is that I do not get to scream in amazement at some impossible reversal in the dohyo.

  5. Well as nearly everyone who has posted so far seems to have been eating badly refrigerated supermarket sushii or watching one too many Takashi Miike movies… Tochinoshin leads by two going into the final day when the dohyo collapses, having been undermined by a plague of giant robot termites each of which has the face of Endo, but not on their heads! The chairman of the YDC describes the result as “not entirely satisfactory” but announces that the chief termite will be considered for promotion if he can get 13 wins in Fukuoka.

    Alternatively, Harumafuji goes 13-2 and wins by one from Takayasu and Terunofuji.


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