Wakaichiro Victorious Day 13

In his final match of the Nagoya basho, American sumotori Wakaichiro prevailed against Jonidan 24w Takiguchi, finishing with a winning 4-3 record. With is kachi-koshi, we are likely to see Wakaichiro at the top of the Jonidan ranks for the Aki basho in September.

Eternal thanks to reader nicolaah who has been feeding us insider tips from the venue in Nagoya. For her efforts and valor, she is hereby awarded the Tachiai medal of Honor for contributions to our coverage of Wakaichiro, Huzzah!

As with his prior matches, we will bring you video as soon as Saint One and Only posts it to Youtube. Congratulations to Wakaichiro, we recognize that this basho was an uphill battle, and we salute your efforts.

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