Hakuho Breaks All Time Win Record


Yokozuna Hakuho now holds the all time win record for the entire history of sumo. With his victory over Takayasu on day 13, he surpassed Kaio’s impressive 1047 mark to become the holder of yet another sumo record.

I frequently refer to Hakuho as the “Michael Jordan of Sumo”. In part because it helps American fans relate to the magnitude of talent, skill, dedication and sheer hard work Hakuho brings to this sport. We are unlikely to witness another rikishi so dominant and all encompassing any day soon.

One thought on “Hakuho Breaks All Time Win Record

  1. He picked a heck of a day to switch up his entire style of sumo. He wanted to break the record using a different technique than usual to show off his versatility? Very interesting.


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