Nagoya Dohyo Consecrated


Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium Ready For Competition

During Saturday in Japan, the dohyo constructed for the Nagoya tournament was consecrated in a traditional ceremony, making it ready for the upcoming sumo competition.

Sumo is an interesting sport that has many religious elements woven into it, from this consecration ceremony, to the rituals that happen before the Makuuchi bouts.

We are now just hours away from the start of competition, and Tachiai will bring you daily updates of all of the action from what promises to be an exciting Nagoya basho.

Announcement tweet from the Nippon Sumo Kyokai’s twitter feed below.

One thought on “Nagoya Dohyo Consecrated

  1. Bruce, I realize my comments frequently depict me as a smartarse already, and this one isn’t go to help, but I just have to: Please, please, call it the [i]Nihon[/i] Sumo Kyokai. “Nippon” might be a perfectly acceptable reading of 日本, but these days its use tends to imply a nationalistic bent to what’s being said, and that’s very awkward when used for the name of an organization that itself insists on the more neutral “Nihon”.


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