NHK World Consolidates Grand Sumo Coverage


Preview Video Available Now.

NHK World has come up with a nice, consolidated web page with links to all of the video from Grand Sumo Highlights, along with the preview.  You can check it out here

By extension this means that the preview video that is airing today on NHK World is available on demand now via the web site.  The preview turned out really well, and includes a great Hakuho retrospective. Note Hiro’s remarks about Yoshikaze – his mobility and how he uses his feet being a essential element of his sumo.


7 thoughts on “NHK World Consolidates Grand Sumo Coverage

  1. Nice, I like it. I watched the U.S. NHK Nagoya preview today, it was very well done, nice show, be sure to catch it. Good interview with Hakuho also, did you see the pic of him as a kid? Unreal skinny! Hard to believe he turned out to be SumoZilla.

  2. I really like this site, you guys have great articles and tge best up to date information and I want to commend you on your work. I just wish however, that there was a bit more proofreading done on these articles to catch minor mistakes. For example, in this article NHK was misspelled as HNK. I just don’t want these minor mistakes to make this fantastic news site seem less reputable.

    • Thank you for the kind words, and pointing out the mistake. There is a bit of a situation at Tachiai at the moment, where Andy is on vacation in Europe, Josh is in Japan getting ready to attend the basho, and Bruce (myself) is soloing the site. Ordinarily not an issue, but as mentioned in a prior post, my wife and I have a new baby in the house, and no one is getting much sleep.

      Problems and mistakes can be attributed to ~4 hrs sleep per day plus normal work schedule. I will gamberize.

      • The fact that you can still remember your own name with a newborn in the house is impressive!
        Thankyou for keeping up with new information on the site given everything that’s going on! Really appreciated!

      • Completely understandable. Like nicolaah said, putting up all these articles with so much going on is incredible and greatly appreciated! This is my favorite sumo site, and I want to do what little I can to help make Tachiai the top must-read sumo news site on the web!

  3. Would like to join those commending the Tachiai team on their work. This is a great site, with consistently excellent content. Keep it up, and know that your efforts are appreciated.


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