12 thoughts on “Video of Wakaichiro’s First Match

  1. I’m more envious because you’re getting good footage. Being stuck here in the States means that I was up at 4:30 this morning to catch the tail end… is there a station in Japan which C-SPANs the basho through all of the divisions (i.e. just mounts a camera and shows it?)

    Wakaichiro might have lost, but dang he fought for it.

    • Only the pay webstream by Sportsnavi broadcasts every bout. NHK’s satellite channel cuts in at 1pm normally, near the end of sandanme.

      • I don’t understand Japanese enough to subscribe to the Sportsnavi broadcast – that’s where One and Only is getting their bouts, I assume? I love watching the lower ranks – it’s fun watching the new kids do their thing.

        • Sadly, the subscriptions aren’t available outside Japan. (They used to be tied to one company’s cellphone contracts, but I think at least that restriction has been lifted by now.) From other people’s reports it’s not really possible to order them via web proxy or VPN either, as there are apparently additional checks in place, e.g. the accessing device must have a Japanese operating system, etc.

          I imagine it’s a rights issue – the previous contractor was distributing the stream worldwide, but Sportsnavi has probably only secured the rights for Japan as they’re not marketing any of their products outside the country. And unfortunately, unlike the previous streams, apparently the Sportsnavi stream can’t easily be downloaded; the only videos I’ve seen of it on Youtube are filmed off TVs and monitors, like this channel is doing: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5tkU788jIPBWH8Lk3Y8mUg/videos

          OAO seems to be some kind of sumo nut – I mean that in a good way! – who’s attending every single day to shoot videos privately, much like Bruce is doing on a smaller scale this basho.

          • I was sitting about 30 ft from OAO on Monday. Not that I knew them by face, but I saw them filming, and the view / perspective matched what they uploaded later.

            Both sad and impressive that sumo depends on generous people like One and Only to provide access to our sumo. Sad because NHK could and should monetize this. Impressive that the fans have self organized and are taking care of matters, and that there is enough altruism in sumo land to go through the effort.

          • OAO has really made my day on a number of occasions by filming it. And, thank you Bruce for being there to film during this basho. Maybe the Japanese don’t want this sport to catch on worldwide and they want to keep it in the family.

            I’m thankful for the shermin thing, and the information that all of you give. I’m sort of irritated at Grand sumo highlights because, honestly, the highlights don’t really give the full story, or even ALL the stories. Like, I like Kaisei, even though he’s sinking like a rock and some of the others. It does seem to me like to get more people interested in it on a worldwide basis, it should be more accessible.

            Sorry for rambling.

          • Well, Kaisai seems to be moving much better this basho, so don’t count him out yet. I will confess not having replays, slow-mo or commentary is a big upgrade to my enjoyment. I liken it to watching a baseball game on TV vs watching it in the ballpark.
            I recognize most folks benefit greatly from all that TV brings, but to me there is a whole different level of enjoyment via the organic experience, at least for sumo.

  2. Waka did a great job here, the opponent sure looks like he jumped the gun (not sure what you call the false start in Japanese?). Too bad Wakaichiro touched first when he brought him down!

    • Yeah, I thought it was a great bout. Seemed like Wakaichiro went for a throw and his opponent used the opportunity to bull straight through, forcing both to fall. Good move.

      • Wakaichio looks stronger, more focused and higher skill this tournament. As he admitted himself, he performs best when he can calm his thoughts before the tachiai. He genuinely seems really enthused to be a sumotori, and I think the urge to win and to exploit any weakness in his opponents sumo. Although most of us are boosters, he is still fairly new to the sport, and I am going to guess he will continue to improve steadily. I keep in mind his coach is the great Konishiki.


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