Natsu Day 2 Highlights


Chiyonokuni Scores His First Kinboshi

Day 2 at the Kokugikan was full of drama, but most folks outside of Japan will not get to see what I think is the highlight bout of the day, Kitataiki vs Satoyama in Juryo. Both rikishi put forth a tremendous effort, and the match whipsawed back and forth. I encourage interested fans to try and find it on YouTube.

The other item that probably will not make the highlights was the Terunofuji post-bout tumble off the dohyo that landed on Kisenosato as he was sitting ring-side awaiting his bout. A huge gasp and cry rang out from the crowd as it was clear that he was not quite alright. Terunofuji even went back to see if he could help the Yokozuna up. Kisenosato went on to compete and won his bout against Okinoumi, but it was clear he was struggling.

Selected Highlights

Myogiryu defeats Yutakayama – Yutakayama had a good sized cheering section today, but it did not help him overcome a very determined Myogiryu.

Tochinoshin defeats Arawashi – No really, it looks like Tochinoshin has his sumo together and is fighting well. Maybe he is far enough down the banzuke that he can manage to be effective. Either way it’s nice to see him getting wins.

Ura defeats Kagayaki – Firstly, Ura seems to have a lot of sponsors, the crowd was impressed by the number of banners that were out for him. Secondly, he really put on a great Ura style match. He was everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Kagayaki gave it his all, but with Ura bending space-time like that, he had already won next week before he won this week (thank you Schrödinger)

Ikioi defeats Shodai – Today seemed to be “nice old lady day” in the Kokugikan, there were thousands of them. And of course that means they are all Ikioi fans. Everyone knows Shodai is strong, but comes in high at the tachiai. Until he fixes that, it seems the rest of Makuuchi has his number.

Mitakeumi defeats Daieisho – Mitakeumi is looking very solid. He did not disappoint today.

Chiyoshoma defeats Kotoshogiku – I am starting to think that Kotoshogiku is facing his doom.

Takayasu defeats Goeido – 8 wins to go for the next Ozeki. Goeido’s ankle rebuild is not working out. The question is, can he mend or will he be force to retire?

Kisenosato defeats Okinoumi – Japan’s favorite Yokozuna seems to be in trouble with his body. His spirit is there, but it’s clear he is not recovered from his ruptured pectoral. He had trouble putting away Okinoumi.

Hakuho defeats Yoshikaze – Yoshikaze made a good run of it, but I am going to guess that Hakuho’s health has returned. I would be happy to see him yusho once more.

Harumafuji defeats Endo – Not even close. The Horse bombed him off the dohyo as if he was a bag of moldy rice. Harumafuji looking good in the early going this time!

Chiyonokuni defeats Kakuryu – Chiyonokuni has really progressed in the last year, and today Kakuryu’s reactive sumo could not cope with Chiyonokuni’s well timed hikiotoshi. This is Chiyonokuni’s first gold star win.

4 thoughts on “Natsu Day 2 Highlights

  1. Hakuho and Harumafuji are in this for the long haul, they mean business (even if Harumafuji isn’t in absolutely perfect health)

    What about Takayasu’s tachiai?! He almost sent Goeido into space with that.

    I do believe that Chiyonokuni has the makings of a top rikishi – him and Mitakeumi will be climbing this banzuke over the next year or two.

    • Takayasu really did blast Goeido, who I fear may not have the time to ever recover from his ankle injury. As he is kadoban right now, a losing record here would spell another Ozeki wash up clogging Sekiwake. In my estimate Kotoshogiku is going make-kochi this time, sadly enough.

  2. Terunofuji falling on Kisenosato DID make the highlights! And some discussion, though Ross Mihara was somewhat more limited today in his dissection of the highlights than usual. They showed a few replays and it was pretty brutal.

    Hope you got to throw your seat cushion!


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