Tokyo Tip #1: Ryogoku

There is a lot to see in Tokyo, so it’s hard to pick a place to start. A trip to Tokyo – sumo fan or not – is not really complete without a stop in Asakusa (浅草). However, the center of the sumo world is close by at Ryogoku. My favorite place in this neighborhood is the Yasuda garden.

The top of Kokugikan is visible in this picture, looking south. The pond has many nishiki-goi and turtles. There’s a pretty, red foot bridge and a small shrine hidden in the back.

You can reach Ryogoku via the JR Sobu line. It’s a couple of stops from Akihabara and close to Asakusa and Oshiage, home of the Sky Tree. The Yasuda garden is accessible by walking a block further north from the Kokugikan.


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