Natsu Day 1 & 2 Torikumi is Live!


First Two Days Should Be Thrilling

The matches for the top divisions for the first two days of the Natsu basho are on the Nippon Sumo Kyokai website. Readers are encouraged to look them over.

Things get exciting right out of the gate with Yoshikaze matching against Yokozuna Kisenosato, and Yokozuna Hakuho facing off against rising star Chiyonokuni.

With myself now firmly located in Sumedia, just 3 blocks south of the Kokugikan, I will be working to bring you as much sumo action and ambiance as possible. Just about 24 hours now to the start of Natsu!

5 thoughts on “Natsu Day 1 & 2 Torikumi is Live!

  1. So are you going to throw back some chanko nabe with Hakuho and start singing karaoke with Harumafuji? :)

  2. Really interesting first day! Tough tests for the Yokozuna, great chance to assess their fitness. As I’ve said before I’m really looking forward to seeing how Chiyonokuni does at the top of the Maegashira pile.

      • By the way if anyone is interested, the NHK preview is available on their website. About 28 minutes long. A lot of it is very top line stuff that we have already discussed, but there’s some interesting stuff on Jungyo if anyone wanted to learn more about that!


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