28 thoughts on “Inaugural Tachiai Podcast

  1. Thank you for this! Is there any chance that future episodes could be shared as mp3 audio files, so they can be downloaded/listened to in a podcasting app?

    Thanks again!

    • Yes indeed. This was an experiment to try out discussion, and we are happy with it as a place to start. We will likely evolve these a bit, and they will include MP3. Thanks for taking the time to check it out.

    • Yes definitely release a podcast would make for fantastic listening on the go – more of these videos to come please!

  2. Where are you guys located? Wouldn’t it be great to have an official Tachiai get together with other sumo fans and do a group TV watch, eat bento and drink sake?!

    • I am in Texas most of the time, San Diego the rest of the time. I would love a get together at some point if it turns out several people will be in the same place at the same time. In addition to the above, I am possibly a fair cook of Japanese food as well. In celebration of the banzuke, I made a great pot of rather spicy curry. But I have also been known to make okonomiyake, gyudon (and various other don), chanko nabe (and various other nabe), and of course chashu ramen. This was largely out of necessity and my Scottish proclivity for thriftiness, but now that Toyota has re-homed to Dallas, sources for edible Japanese food are starting to spring up. Sake selection in the town is still dire, but at least there are a few ramen shops now.

    • Thank you much, I do always hate the way I look on video. I recognize it’s a mental problem, that to everyone else I just look like Bruce. Andy and I are also possibly going to have genuine audio podcasts a bit more frequently, especially during the basho. The idea is that by the time American sumo fans get up, it’s all over – but there are still a few hours before NHK shows anything. So the usually result is to hope that Kintamayama posted his summary already. But that’s no good on the drive into work.

      So if we can do a 5 to 10 minute recap via audio podcast that shows up on your smart phone, you can listen to it in the car or on the train or bus in the morning.

      We will, of course, have to see how it works. I have to fix my audio setup, the sound quality was substandard for that video.

  3. I think the podcast worked very well and I will certainly continue to follow this blog.

    For me the biggest surprise was Tokushoryu bouncing back: I know he got 11 wins but he was down at J8

    Now we have two weeks or so of clicking the “Absent Rikishi Info” page several times a day.

    • Thanks for the kind words. The idea was discussed in the past, but we got serious about it over a series of strong drinks at a DC area bar a few weeks ago. I too am curious if everyone whose name is on the banzuke actually is healthy enough to show up day one.

  4. Exciting media expansions afoot – I dig it.

    Nice bit of info about the Yokozeki practice. At Andy’s mention, I found some time to flip through the Banzuke of the ’70s, but it wasn’t until I hit Aki 1981 (http://sumodb.sumogames.de/Banzuke.aspx?b=198109) that I spied a “YO” ranking for Kitanoumi and Chiyonofuji – and no Ozeki. A look at the full career records of the Yokozuna of the era reveals a handful of placements at Yokozuna-Ozeki in tournaments with only 1 Ozeki ranked (Y1wYO). I learned a thing!

    Also – I’m a DC area native, myself – if’n we’re trying to get some drinks sometime.

    • That’s it! Thank you for finding it. I was re-watching the video last night and laughing at my puzzled reaction when Bruce mentioned that. He keeps me on my toes and always brings up great topics.
      Let’s get some beers, or whiskeys or something. There’s actually a great whiskey bar that I’d forgotten (Irish Whiskey Public House). Hopefully we can hit that up next time Bruce is in town, or back at the old dead guy bar for some of those dangerous Old Fashioneds.

      *edit* I’d somehow put this as a new comment rather than a reply to yours…so reposting.

      • Yes, your moment of “Oh… that might explain that odd thing I think I saw, once… I think…” was a good one.

        I’m up for meeting next time Bruce comes through. I feel I owe you guys for my liberal use of “the Great Pumpkin” in reference to our 72nd Yokozuna. By the end of Hatsu, my own personal commentary had shifted to “…and lo! Witness as the Great Pumpkin rises (slowly) from his pumpkin patch…”.

        So yeah… Tachiai-Con.

        • He was the “Great Pumpkin” because all of the good girls and boys pinned their hopes on him, but he never showed up to fulfill their wishes. Well, that’s over now isn’t it? Sadly we can’t be so certain. They pinned a rope on him, but I don’t think he’s vastly different today than he was 6 months ago. Still an amazing rikishi.

          Last tournament was a very fortunate outcome for Kisenosato, everything that could go his way, did go his way. He may have that happen again, or a few times in a row. But I worry we are going to see “The Great Pumpkin” again in March.

          Thanks for giving me a good laugh today.

  5. Hey guys love the blog. Been following Sumo avidly for almost a year now. Quick question. On NHK they always refers to how popular Ikioi and Endo are – do you guys happen to know why they are so popular? Thanks!

    • It’s a bit of a mystery to me, too. But I think it’s because they are “handsome” guys, and present a clean cut, idealized Japanese male persona. I do know the ladies really dig them!

        • The trite answer would be “Us fans!, we win the Haru Basho!”.

          As far as which rikishi? It’s going to come down to health of the Yokozuna and Ozeki ranks. If we have top fighters dropping out before half way again, I would think it’s possible we see Tamawashi or one of the San’yaku demons win.

          But in my gut, this is my guess

          1) If Harumafuji is recovered, he wins
          2) If not, Hakuho wins
          3) If Harumafuji and Kakuryu are wounded / weak / withdraw by day 8, Kisenosato wins.
          4) If 3 happens, and Goeido wounded / weak / withdraw by day 8, it’s possible a Sekiwake wins.

          • Some very interesting ideas. I personally can’t see Kakuryu or Goeido winning it as they seem far too injured right now. Not sure what shape Harumafuji is in either.

            I really think Kisenosato has a strong chance if he can keep his focus with all the media hype around him. He just looked so strong in both offence and defence in January. Hakuho looked in much better physical condition in January than in November so he will be around the top.

            Rank outsiders – Mitakeumi or even Takanoiwa with his recent form?

            My only problem for predictions is I am not 100% sure exactly how they work out who faces whom on each day..


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