5 thoughts on “Kisenosato’s Tsuna Fitting

    • I am probably not you, as I have a tough enough time trying to be me, at least when I can remember to, as my mother said, “Always be yourself”.

      Yeah, I am a fan of Yoshikaze for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that he seems to be a pretty decent fellow. His work with Hakuho Cup this past weekend (children’s sumo tournament) is another great example of the kind of person he seems to be.

      I have a nickname for him: “The Berserker”, very much from the Nordic tradition.

      He is getting older now, and I am guessing he will be taking a role as a coach or trainer in a sumo stable within the next few years, if he wants. He is one of the “college boys” of sumo. An actual no kidding athlete and college graduate. He probably could go do just about anything he wants to post-sumo, as the Japanese public loves him dearly, and he is one of the most recognized faces in sumo.

      • I do not know of his activity outside the ring. I only see him on Jason or Kintamiyama channel, and fell in love with his style. Of course it is easy to like the dominant Yokozuna’s, that is given. But wow, his style is really impressive. He is like Manny Pacquiao. His pushing and thrusting is so exciting to watch, and it’s like he can beat anybody on a good day.

        My only regret is that he is not that very consistent. But I always scan Kintamiyama’s post to check his match, before fast forwarding to the Ozeki/Yokozuna matches.

        Btw, of course my next favorite is Takayasu, as I am from Manila Philippines. Not many sumo fans here, but he is our pride. I really hope he makes Ozeki in the next 2 years. I think he has improved a lot this past 2 years or so. Great sumo. Consistently improving his technique. Thanks to Kisenosato for helping him achieve this!

        • Yes, so I am following Takayasu as well. I think he has a lot of potential if he can refine his sumo enough to compete at the highest level. I think he is almost there, but needs to focus more. Maybe now that Kisenosato has his rope, Takayasu can concentrate on his sumo.

  1. btw, we have two more pride. Masunoyama Tomoharu. He has great talent but has a lung condition that prevents him from fighting the highest level he can achieve.

    Furanshisu Manabu – seems a new recruit. I have no idea how good he is.


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