Kisenosato Prepares For Meiji

Rikishi From Oguruma, Sadogatake and Nishonoseki Help Weave The Rope

A pair of great videos showing the team work between multiple sumo stables to craft and fit the ceremonial rope or tsuna for new-Yokozuna, a day prior to his debut at the Meiji Jingu Shrine.

There are several notable rikishi present assisting with the weaving of the tsuna, of course we knew that Yoshikaze was present from his Instagram photos, but it seems almost all of Nishonoseki-Ichimon group of stables pitched in. Notables from Oguruma heya showed up, including Amakaze and Takekaze.  Shohozan is clearly designated as Kisenosato’s tsuyuharai (dew sweeper / herald) in their practice sessions for the dohyo-iri tomorrow.  It’s also notable that long time Kisenosato competitor and recently demoted Ozeki Kotoshogiku is there as well.

Somewhat longer video below with more details, and plenty of footage of retired Yokozuna Ōnokuni instructing Kisenosato on the mechanics of the Unryu style ritual.


The Meiji Shrine ceremony will take place at 15:00 Japan Standard Time on Friday, January 27th.  As always, Tachiai will work to bring you video of this historic event.


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